Non-Screen Activities to Pass The Time
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Non-Screen Activities to Pass The Time

In case you want to switch things up over these next few weeks

Non-Screen Activities to Pass The Time

It's a crazy time in the world right now and it's okay to feel a little lost. It's all right to not sure what to do with yourself or even for yourself outside of sitting and binge-watching movies and TV shows or scrolling through social media. Although those are great ways to pass the time, here are a few other things you can do (for people of all ages) that might be fun.


There are so many paint-by-number kits that you can order or find that can be fun for the whole family and will be easy to follow. Make sure to stock up and have a couple of paint nights. And if it's just you and the significant other or you and friends, turn it into an at-home paint and sip! Such a fun way to spice up the night.


Seems lame and for little kids but coloring is actually a great stress-reliever. You can hunker down with music or something playing in the background and color to fill your time. It's incredibly rewarding, too, once you finish your sheet and have a finished product.


It seems too obvious, but maybe now is the time to read that book you started three months ago when you thought you had time to finish it. Now can also be the time to branch out in the genres you thought you'd never like. You might not like them after trying them but at least then you know!

Learn A Language

Ever want to perfect French or Spanish but never felt like you had the time? Now is the time! It's okay to branch out and learn new things so that you can walk away in a few weeks and feel accomplished. Plus, it can only help in the future when you finally get to go to those countries you always wanted to!


Yes, some people will roll their eyes and think "of course someone is suggesting exercising" but it's true! You can find so many online programs or at home programs that you can now fit it into your routine. Use that 30-60 minute commute that you always said got in the way and make exercising a priority. It'll help you feel so much better down the line!


Again, might sound boring but it is a fun, low key activity that will get the whole family together! It will also help everyone work on their teamwork skills while doing it.

Board Games

No, not bored games - board games! A little friendly competition can only do some good right now and will switch up the active mind to a more fun, light-hearted mode.

Learn A New Hobby

No better time than now to pick up knitting or stitching. It's perfect because instead of sitting in front of the TV (or even if someone else in your house wants to sit in front of the TV), you can keep your mind busy. On the flip side, learn how to train dogs, or learn creative writing, or you can even learn how to code computers! There are tons of online classes anyone can access so now's really the time to learn your new hobby.


Anyone can sign, whether they're good at it or not, but you can actually learn new instruments during this time, or just have a dance party! Music can be self-made or listened to and it's so easy to have fun with others while engaging with it. Find a new artist you all love, or find one you all can't stand to laugh about whenever you hear it!


Now is the perfect time to learn that new recipe that you've always been wanting to. You can cook with the whole family, or bake everyone some treats. Either way, these next few weeks are the perfect time to hunker down in the kitchen and start exploring. And if it's just you and your significant other, learn some cocktails while you're at it! Why not?


Whether it be in the yard when it's nice out or inside the house, getting things done and sticking to your schedule might actually help. Kids might not find this one as much fun, but throw a spin on it! Add in a treasure map that leads them to the next "to-do" item and when they're all done with those chores, reward them with a fun activity. It might not seem glamorous, but you'll feel accomplished which is always a good thing.

This is a crazy time but having some fun with it will make it a memorable couple of weeks. It's okay to feel scared or alone or not know what to do with yourself, but make sure you're always checking in and doing all right. Try a few of the above - you never know what you might find yourself loving!

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