Kinder Self - Eyes
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Kinder Self - Eyes

You're Your Own Best Friend

Kinder Self - Eyes

It's fun to see all of the selfies on social media, they are everywhere. I see pictures with pouty lips, duck lips and pucker lips. I see smokey eyes, huge fake lashes and nicely done nose jobs, boob jobs and butt lifts. Women working out in spandex, tiny tops and flip flops. I see tight abs and firm butts, manicured nails and toes, up dos and flowing hair. "Wow", I think to myself," I could apply tons of make-up, spend an hour on my hair, pose all day and not look like that. Maybe I need a longer stick!"

I went shopping, to a trendy store, yesterday. Really cute clothes. I was trying on this adorable sun dress when I caught a glimpse of my, not so defined, arms in the mirror. UGH! I nearly said it out loud. Then I remembered seeing my friend in a similar dress thinking how cool, comfortable and cute she looked. "She's about my size", I thought..."Maybe, I just look bad in my eyes".

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we base our self esteem on our deflated self perception? Why do we compare ourselves with other women? Why do we find physical flaws that friends never notice...until we point them out? Why are we consistently critical of how we look?

Time to let it go, to start treating ourselves like we treat our friends, that is...if you are a good friend...It's okay to take a good look, evaluate and make an honest assessment. That's the only way to make adjustments...with kinder eyes. Eyes that are accepting, loving and gentle.

That way the selfie stick wont have to be so long, I'll wear my new dress, duck lip it with my red lips, smokey eyes and mascaraed lashes...and gaze upon it, as though I didn't know me, with kinder self-eyes.

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