The AP Top 25 Defined By Urban Dictionary
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The AP Top 25 Defined By Urban Dictionary

What does UD say about your awesome football school?

The AP Top 25 Defined By Urban Dictionary

1. Ohio State

Considered the best public school in the state. Recently ranked AHEAD of Miami of Ohio by U.S. New and World Report. It is easy to hate a good school with a dominant football program, which is why so many outsiders do. And not quite so ghetto as some ignorant people think.

Ohio State University was the best school I ever visited

2. Baylor

- Home of the Bears (Lady and Joy)
- Oldest university of Texas (est. in 1845)
- Located in the 19th poorest city
- Home of the NCAA Champs womens basketball team
- BU 35 vs. A&M 34 (OT) in football
- Girls outnumber guys 60% to 40%
- We suck at football but we know how to party
- SSSS to UT, TTU, and A&M
- Only private university in the BIG 12
- We have 2 Olympians
- Michael Johnson (one of the fastest men in the world) is an alumni
- No such thing as Coke or Pepsi on campus
- Freshman (the Baylor Line) run onto the football field before every home game
- We have the largest independent stage production, put on by the students---SING!

Aaaaaaahhhhhh...Sic'em Bears

3. Utah

Utah's first institute of higher learning. Utahns that choose the U of U over lesser schools in the state tend to display the ability to think for themselves and function outside of the State of Utah.

"I could have gone to BYU to get a degree but I choose instead to go to the University of Utah to get an education."

4. TCU

Texas Christian University is a private university located in Fort Worth, Texas. Home of the Horned Frogs, and LaDainian Tomlinson, aka the best football player in the history of EVER!!!! Bob Schieffer, a popular journalist, also attended TCU. The school colors are purple and white. Basically, the best private Christian school in the state!

Jenna: I went to Dallas Baptist University!
Kasey: Man, really? Nobody goes there. If you want a good Christian college, you better get your butt over to Texas Christian University!

5. LSU

A establishment of higher learning that happens to spawn an abundance of higly cool people of impeccable taste class and intelligence. As far as colleges go, LSU is head and shoulders above the rest of the nation. It defys logic how great this place is. Also, the greatest football program in the country.

LSU won the football game convincigly [sic] and then all of the students gathered together and partied because they realized how superior they were compared to their opponent.

6. Clemson

A place unlike any other. Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness; where the Tigers play. A place that gets in your blood.

Clemson will always be with me.

7. Michigan State

The greatest college ever created. Magic Johnson, Jason Richardson, and Biggie Munn attended this great college.

Michigan State is better than Michigan, as Ann Arbor is an outhouse.

8. Alabama

A state funded university located in Central Alabama. It is well known for its beautiful campus, excellent academic standards, attractive coeds, and storied athletics program. This institution has garnered a great deal of esteem in both academics and athletics, so much so that vacuous simpletons that are wildly covetous of said achievements are compelled to go onto websites and use sophomoric insults to describe this excellent bastion of higher learning.

See also: Main cause of little brother syndrome.

At the University of Alabama, student athletes are actually required to not only attend classes, but also be able to pass them.

9. Florida State

University located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Their football team beat Notre Dame in the Champs Sports Bowl 18-14. Notre Dame sucks.

10. Stanford

A private university located in California. Stanford is considered one of the United States's best schools, along with Harvard and Yale. Stanford is extremely difficult to enter. It has the lowest acceptance rate of Harvard and Yale.

My friend who got a 4.6 GPA and a 1600 SAT was rejected from Stanford.

11. Notre Dame

Probably one of the greatest colleges in the United States. Hard to get into, but is so worth working your ass off in high school to attend. Greatest school spirit—no other school can beat. GO Irish. Most famous football team of all time (Example: Rudy!). The athletes are the most amazing, talented, nicest and intelligent people of all colleges.

Greatest academic and athletic college of all time.

12. Iowa

Educational institute where learning comes third to drinking and football.

Also: location where much potential is wasted and/or destroyed.

Seige: Are you goin' out tonight?
Joel: Nah, man. I got a test tomorrow.
Seige: Yeah, me too. Lets go to the bars.
Joel: Seige, I can't.
Seige: C'mon
Joel: Alright, fine. Let's get f*****d up.
Seige: Sweet! You goin' to the game on Saturday?
Joel: Of course!
Seige: Awesome! We'll have to tailgate. I love the University of Iowa!

13. Florida

A place where diversity is a foreign word, and the girls wouldnt dare wear anything execpt pink, pearls, and a camo hat with their sorority letters on it, and you will stick out like a sore thumb if it doesn't look like you took 9 and 1/2 hrs to get ready.

Wow, is she a barbie in a pink parade?
No, she goes to University of Florida.

14. Oklahoma State

A college located in Stillwater, Oklahoma; Known for there great wrestling program which holds 34 national championship. OSU is also good at basketball and they are improving greatly in football. They are part of one of the best conferences known as the Big 12.

Oklahoma State University dominated in the Big 12 tournament last week.

15. Texas A&M

A school with deep roots in tradition and school pride. Texas A&M is the pride of Texas. Texas A&M one of the most admired campuses in Texas, so much that not only TU wants to rival it but also tech.

15. Michigan

A school where most of the students are smart enough to care about something beyond sports.

In this sense, University of Michigan is unlike most "schools" in the Midwest.

17. Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma is well known for its football team. This team usually dong-slaps it's in-state rivals, the Oklahoma State Cowboys (who also go by "Pokes" or even "Jokes"), and have very competitive meetings (which they usually win) with the Texas Donghorns and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Sooners are easily in contention for college football's national title every year. This, as you can expect, generally translates into an almost cult following by their fan base who use religious terms such as "Patriarch" for coaches and former players and "Saint" for current stars.

The University of Oklahoma's football team is easily the 2nd greatest college football program of all time.

18. Memphis

*No definition available on Urban Dictionary but they probably shouldn't even be here anyway... Sorry Ole Miss!

19. Toledo

Cool school in Toledo Ohio. Campus is Huge and is ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses. if your on campus and drive one way. your in a rich neighborhood. drive the other way and its pretty dirty and ghetto. but overall pretty nice college.

Billy: Bro should we hang with the millionaires? or smoke crack in the ghetto?
John: Why don't we do both? were at the University Of Toledo so its all cool
Billy: Alright!!!!!

20. Cal

The first and best school in the Universtiy of California system. Located in Berkeley, CA, Cal is one of the most diverse and exciting campuses in the world. Cal offers a world class education at a great price. It is regarded as the top public university and is home to busuiness and engineering schools that are usually ranked in the top 3 overall and often #1 worldwide. A terrific place for anyone looking for a great education, world class professors, interesting people, and great sports teams (GO BEARS).
Admissions: very selective
Overall: 25% admitted
School of Engineering: 8-10% admitted

1) Hey! That guy has a really distorted and biased view of UC-Berkeley!
2) UC-Berkeley is one of the world's best schools.
3) UC-Berkeley is underrated on USNews's rankings. (Endowment per student is taken into consideration, so public schools are at an inherent disadvantage)
4) UC-Berkeley rules.

21. Houston

The greatest institute of higher learning in the state of Texas. Far more advanced than any of those other so-called "nationally ranked" Texas schools like TU, or the school with the gaggle of maroon attired morons. The U of H mascot is a fierce predator, and the University's hand symbol is "The Shocker," a popular and entertaining sex act. The only downside to this august bastion of knowledge in the south is the fact that it nearly requires committing a murder in order to find a parking space on the primarily commuter campus.

"An Aggie, a Longhorn, and a University of Houston Cougar walk into a bar..."

22. Temple

Temple University is the Harvard of Philadelphia. Not really, but the students could kick any Harvard boy's ass because Main Campus is in the ghetto. Don't bother going to the Center City campus unless you want to get mugged, Ambler Campus is a joke, and Tyler is the art school...with artsy people. Definitely the best university ever. Temple is better than Drexel, UPenn, and St. Joe's combined. Seriously.

I'll kick your ass, I'm from Temple!

23. Duke

Institution of higher learning located in Durham, NC. Home to intelligent, competitive, party-loving people who like basketball a whole lot. Arguably one of the best schools in the nation, and one of the hardest to get into.

"Duke University just beat UNC in basketball. Go Blue Devils!"

24. Ole Miss

Ole Miss is located in the rolling hills of North Mississippi about 80 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. The typical Ole Miss student is a good looking Southern girl/guy who enjoys tailgating in the Grove during football season, fraternity/sorority life, and all things preppy. Ole Miss students usually have a deep hatred for LSU and sometimes Mississippi State as well.

Tailgating at Ole Miss is definitely [sic] the best anywhere!

25. Pitt

An elite and prestigious, state-related university located in Western Pennsylvania which is well known for it's law, medical and other graduate schools as well as it's ability to attract an intelligent, motivated, diverse and quite attractive student body.

I wish I was smart enough to go to the University of Pittsburgh. I guess I'll just go to nova.

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