16 Reasons Ohio State Has The Best College Campus
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16 Reasons Ohio State Has The Best College Campus

Ohio State's campus is better than yours.

16 Reasons Ohio State Has The Best College Campus

There are a million more reasons for why Ohio State is the best campus. But I guess 16 will do.

1. Because, really, it's a city within a city.

Sitting just outside of downtown Columbus, Ohio State makes the perfect location for a college campus. With an exciting & upbeat city life and main campus life just a few miles away, whichever you're in the mood for, Ohio State has to offer.

2. We have Oval Beach to look forward to during warm spring days.

The Oval, also known as Oval Beach, is an a beautiful courtyard in the center of campus and a constantly thriving hot spot for students. Whether you want to get your tan on, play frisbee, walk your dog, or do your homework, there's something for everyone here

3. Because we have BuckeyeThon.

OSU's annual dance marathon, which, might I add, raised $1 MILLION FTK this past year.

4. Our brand new Ohio Union is to die for.

Newly built in 2010, The Ohio Union is home to many school organizations. It also serves as the perfect study spot for those that love being in a constantly-moving environment. Housing a gift shop, as well as three restaurants and a cafe, the Ohio Union is a unique hangout for not only students, but visitors as well. Don't forget to take a photo at the Brutus Bench on your way out!

You can yell "O-H" to anyone pretty much anywhere on campus and get an enthusiastic "I-O" back

6. The Short North is right off campus.

Just a 10 minute bus ride away from campus, the Short North is a strip on High Street filled with unique art galleries, local shops, and cafes. It's also filled with yummy local foods, including Northstar and Jeni's, making for an awesome tourist spot as well as a perfect afternoon or nighttime getaway.

7. Our Greek life.

With 65 different and unique chapters, 11% of Ohio State students participate in Greek Life. These numbers continue to grow each year. From social to multicultural organizations, there's something for everyone. At such a big school, it's the perfect opportunity to make long-lasting friendships, and to support awesome philanthropies in the process.

8. The Buckeye candy is basically a staple.

How many people can say that their college mascot also doubles as the name of a delicious peanut butter and chocolate candy?

9. There are hundreds upon hundreds organizations to get involved in

Anything you could think of, we have. Quidditch, for example. There really is something for everyone. There's even an organization that goal is to find out when other organizations are having food so that they can get free meals! And, let's be real, who doesn't want free food at any given opportunity?

10. The Recreational & Physical Activity Center (A.K.A. the RPAC).

Honestly, sometimes just looking at it is enough motivation to go and work out. It has multiple gyms, raquetball courts, a track, an endless amount of machines, a cafe, AND a smoothie bar, making it a state-of-the-art facility.

11. The lineup of bars on High Street equal the perfect bar crawl.

The nightlife on campus is never lacking, that's for sure. Leave it to the numerous amount of bars including Toos, Midway, The O, and Ethyl to make for a good night out.

12. Along with our awesome sports teams, we also have Columbus' awesome sports teams right down the road.

The Clippers (baseball). The Crew (soccer). The Bluejackets (hockey). No matter what season, there's always a game to attend and a team to cheer on.

13. Polaris and Easton are only a short drive away.

For those weekends when your parents come into town and you "need to go shopping."

14. Thompson Library is one of the most beautiful libraries. Ever.

Just look at it. Need I say more?

15. Mirror Lake. Yes, we have a lake ON CAMPUS.

No, it's not actually a lake, its a pond. Yes, it's pretty, as well as the perfect spot on spring and summer days. But nothing tops the infamous Mirror Lake Jump before the football game against that team up north.

16. And OBVIOUSLY because we have the best football team.

It's not like we won the national championship with our third string quarterback or anything. But really, there's nothing like hanging out in the Shoe game day with 100,000+ of your closest friends to make you feel at home.

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