Power Rank: Top Greek Systems In The SEC
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Student Life

Power Rank: Top Greek Systems In The SEC

Who is the best of the best in greek life, off the football field?

Power Rank: Top Greek Systems In The SEC
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The South Eastern Confernce is known for being the toughest and most competitive in the country. Could it be the nail biting sports events? The overly competitive coaches? Or is it the sorority girls covered in game day buttons screaming in the stands for the ref to get glasses? Whatever it may be, the competitive spirit of the SEC will never be dwindled. So here is a list of the best schools for greek life according to overall enrollment, their greek row house sizes, and the number of PNMs that go through recruitment every year.

14. Vanderbilt University

If you go to Vandy chances are you are involved. Whether it is in greek life or another student organization. Greek life is not huge here like at the University of Alabama, but it is still on the map!

13. University of Kentucky

This University is known for their amazing basketball team and amazing greek life! Here are the girls of Delta Gamma to show you there is more to UK than basketball:

12. University of Tennessee

Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only ten I see! And everyone that goes greek is a 10, here are the girls of Alpha Chi Omega to show you around their house:

11.Mississippi State University

"Go Bulldogs!" This university is considered the "Auburn" of Mississippi with its classy game days and even classier sororities. The greek life here is high rated and so are it's students:

10. University of Florida

"Go Gators!" And what do most of the gators do? Go greek! Here are the girls of Pi Beta Phi with their summer video to show you why you should go greek if you have not already:

9. University of Missouri

Why go to Mizzou? Better question is why would you not? The greek life of Mizzou is a hot topic especially the girls of Delta Delta Delta:

8. Louisiana State University

When you Geaux to LSU you better Geaux greek! Here is a video of the girls of Alpha Phi from LSU:

7. University of South Carolina

These Gamecocks are known for being big football fans, big tailgaters, and big into greek life. Here is a video of the girls of Alpha Chi Omega from USC:

6. Texas A&M University

With the highest enrollment rating in the SEC it should be no surprise that this University comes rolling in at number six. Here is a video of the girls of Delta Gamma from this great University located in College Station, TX:

5. Auburn University

Can I get a War Eagle? This university might not have sorority houses but they sure do have school spirit! Girls who are involved in the greek life here meet lots of great friends and are insured a great four years no matter their letters.

4. University of Arkansas

"Woo Pig Sooie" This unique University is known for its battle cry but also it's greek life. Everyone is involved in greek life in one or another here at the University of Arkansas.

3. University of Georgia

"Go Dawgs!" This system is highly ranked for it's giant mansions and killer game day tailgates. You can stop by any fraternity house for a great time before any home game and are greeted with fans covered in black and red head to toe.

2. Ole Miss

This school is notorious for it's great parties and fun girls! Many of the students that go to Ole Miss are in greek life and are the first to yell "Hotty Toddy" on game day. Here is the recruitment video for the girls of Kappa Kappa Gamma:

1. University of Alabama

This one is the best of the best because not only are their sorority houses legendary but also their greek life in general is what makes everyone from out of state flock to this university. The greek life of University of Alabama was made famous by the girls of Alpha Phi and their recruitment video that got national attention:

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