23 TV Shows 90's Kids Will Reminisce On

23 TV Shows 90's Kids Will Reminisce On

Throwbacks that will make you wish you were a kid again.

Kids born in, or have lived through, the '90s seem to have certain type of pride that no other decade seems to have. Us '90s kids brag about how only we remember certain aspects of our childhood and argue that if you weren't a part of it then you wouldn't understand. Being a '90s kid, I have to agree that not everyone will understand, especially today's children. However, this is a way for us to remember and share our childhood favorites with the world.

1. Full House

The Tanners were everyone's favorite family. This show was all about showing family values by incorporating real life situations. Full House taught us that family would always be there to help us out regardless of the decisions we make. If you didn't like this show then "how rude." Even after twenty years, this show lives on as Fuller House, check it out on Netflix. It will definitely have you saying, "Have mercy."

2. Doug

Doug was just your typical boy who journaled about his life. This simplistic, yet entertaining TV show showed us how to confront tough situations such as bullying or relationship problems. It was Doug who boosted our self-esteem, told us the harm of bullying and rumors and enlightened us on relationships.

3. Rugrats

Who knew talking babies would make such a great market? These babies knew their way around the block and always were able to get themselves out of sticky situations. I think we're all glad we don't have a cousin like Angelica. They were the example of how children’s imagination can make anything an adventure.

4. Boy Meets World

A show about friends going through life together. We watched them grow up from immature, Jr. High schoolers to high school graduates. Corey, Shawn and Topanga showed us the true meaning of friendship.

5. All That

The original live-action sketch comedy show mixed comedy with musical performances always kept us entertained.

6. Keenan and Kel

A spinoff from everyone’s favorite skit — GoodBurger, Kenan and Kel had a special way of making everyone laugh, even if it was just taking burger orders.

7. Rocket Power

Just four friends living their lives by the beach and taking sports to the next level. I think we were all jealous of Otto and Reggie’s sick tricks.

8. The Amanda Show

This show consisting of short comedy skits was a guaranteed laugh each episode. Although I don’t know if Moody even found her mom in that hot air balloon.

9. Spongebob

What seems like the most iconic television show of the '90s into the 2000s. Spongebob showed us that you can be happy with the things you have, even if it’s just a pineapple and a snail.

10. The Proud Family

Penny was just your typical teenage girl, facing typical teenage problems. But the Proud family was always there to pick her up when she was down, proving that family is everything and will always be there for you.

11. Recess

The playground can be a hard place to figure out, but Recess showed us how to protect other kids from bullies. In addition, they we able to teach us how to develop individually while also knowing when to conform.

12. CatDog

If you think having a sibling is frustrating, imagine being conjoined to yours. Even though Cat definitely had the brains, Dog always ran the show and dragged Cat behind, literally. If you don’t believe that opposites attract you haven’t seem these two because although they couldn’t be more different, the brothers are best friends.

13. Lilo and Stitch

This was the wonderful, loving relationship between a girl and her dog…. I mean extraterrestrial experiment. At any rate, Lilo and Stitch taught us to care, especially about Ohana.

14. Hey Arnold

This boy and his football-shaped head did his best to solve problems for the people around him. Arnold taught us how to be nice and polite to everyone, even those who seem to hate him (cough, Helga, cough)

15. That’s So Raven

With her mischievous and entertaining tactics to help prevent the things she saw in the future, we met a girl who was always trying to help. But who often also fell short of her goal. I think we can all relate to Raven in this regard.

16. Lizzie McGuire

A personal favorite, Lizzie McGuire was an inspiring example of how to handle the middle school roller-coaster. She taught us that you don’t have to be the most popular girl in school to have people who care about you. You could always count on Lizzie to say what she was thinking. And if she didn’t say it, you know that annoying, little cartoon would.

17. Even Stevens

Ah yes, the dysfunctional family that made our families look normal. Even Stevens was nothing short of mindless television starring a ridiculous goofball that everyone loved. Well, everyone except Ren. Oh, and we all can agree that Beans was way ahead of his time in obsessing over bacon.

18. Phil of The Future

The Diffy’s time machine threw them back from 2121 to 2004. But even in his awkward ways, we had a special place in our hearts for his future self. Hopes are high that we will see him in five years.

19. Wild Thornberrys

Eliza and her family were always taking us on wild adventures and explorations. This show helped our inner explorer come out. I think we all wanted to talk to animals like Eliza.

20. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

I think we can all thank Ned, Cookie and Moze for helping us prepare for middle school and expecting everything from let-downs to a wild weasel terrorizing our school.

21. Zoey 101

Zoey 101 was the show that made children ask their parents to go to boarding school. Not to mention the fact that Chase proved that you can get out of the friend-zone.

22. Drake and Josh

“Hug me brotha!” These two brothers were one of the funniest duos of our time. Whether it was Helen’s rude comments toward Josh or Megan’s devious pranks on the boys, each episode always held a laugh. Drake and Josh helped develop the humor of an entire generation.

23. Kim Possible

“Call me, beep me if you want to reach me...” Kim Possible was a fiery and fierce character who was always wondering what the sitch was. Kim, Ron and Rufus were the dream team. And let’s face it, who didn’t want a naked mole rat after watching this show?

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