22 Things More Likely To Happen Than Drake Beating Eminem In A Rap Battle

22 Things More Likely To Happen Than Drake Beating Eminem In A Rap Battle

The odds are stacked against Drake, but some of these things could happen before he beats out Eminem.

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If you’re a fan of rap, then you’ve probably heard of the “feud” going on between Eminem and Drake. Long story short, just a little while ago, Drake traded disses with one of Eminem’s rappers from the group Slaughterhouse. After that, rumors began to fly that Eminem was preparing to get involved. Later on, when Drake was interviewed, he was asked what he thought about Eminem potentially firing shots at him. Drake just laughed it off saying Eminem would never do it and said that even if he did, Drake had something ready to fire back.

Due to the interview, many people fell under the impression that there was going to be an epic rap battle between Drake and Eminem. Even though signs are currently pointing to the other direction, it is widely believed that Eminem would crap all over Drake in a rap battle, if it actually became a reality.

Many people have weighed in on who they think would win, thanks to the Internet:

I agree with the majority on this one: it is highly unlikely that Drake would win in a rap battle against Eminem. No disrespect for Drake though, I still think he’s a very talented artist and has certainly made a name for himself in the music industry, but Eminem is a beast.

In the spirit of this nonexistent rap battle, I have compiled a list of 22 things that would probably happen before Drake beats Eminem in a rap battle.

1. The Cleveland Browns bring back Manziel and win Superbowl 51.

A QB depth of RGIII and Johnny Manziel. Who could stop that? Just about every team in the NFL.

2. Chick-fil-A begins to operate on Sundays.

3. Walt Disney World begins to offer free parking for visitors.

4. The NRA endorses Hillary Clinton for president 2016.

5. Coke and Pepsi team up to create a super flavored soda.

6. J.K. Rowling writes another "Harry Potter" story.

7. Nickelodeon pulls "SpongeBob Squarepants" off the air.

This show has aired almost daily since it first premiered in 1999.

8. The NFL moves the extra point back to the two-yard line.

9. Twitter joins Instagram and Snapchat by adding a story feature to their mobile app.

10. Team USA Men’s Basketball loses to China

Including exhibition games and the actual tournament, USA Men’s basketball has outscored China a combined 326-176 over three games in the 2016 Olympic Games.

11. Guns n’ Roses gets back together for a permanent reunion.

12. Flagler College gets a NCAA football team.

13. Blockbuster makes a comeback…online.

14. Marshawn Lynch comes out of retirement to play in the NFL again.

Beastmode can't be done forever, right?

15. Donald Trump starts to sell wigs shaped like his hair at his rallies leading up to the election.

16. The Golden State Warriors break their own record of 73 wins and finish the 2016-2017 regular season at 82-0.

17. A 15-minute appointment with Geico saves you less than 15 percent on car insurance.

18. Pluto becomes a planet again.

19. John Cena becomes a judge on NBC’s "America’s Got Talent."

Imagine his entrance at the start of each episode: "Now you're fourth and final judge, and his name is...John Cena!" (Signature theme music plays.)

20. Lebron James takes his talents back to South Beach, with a shocking return to the Miami Heat.

21. Internet Explorer is named the 2016 Internet Browser of the Year.

22. The City of St. Augustine finally does something to fix the horrible drainage issues surrounding Flagler College.

Until then, you might want to invest in a water canoe for those classes in Pollard.

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