19 Things All Chicago Sports Girls Know All Too Well

I firmly believe that Chicago is the best sports city on earth. This year alone Chicago received two MVP Awards for Patrick Kane (Blackhawks) and Kris Bryant (Cubs), a Rookie of the Year Award for Artemi Panarin (Blackhawks), and ended the 108-year championship drought. The excitement is all over, and it's not just for the boys. Chicago sports girls are the best girls, and here are things we can all relate to.

1. Lola Bunny in "Space Jam" is the best Looney Toons character because she's a badass.

She got to play with Michael Jordan, enough said.

2. Even if you didn't like beer to start, you've learned to love it so you don't die of thirst.

3. Cute fan gear is as essential to your wardrobe as a good pair of jeans, black leggings, and an LBD.

4. You're just as loud, if not louder, than the guys when you're watching a game, and you can get a little confrontational.

5. You've heard "you're just a fake fan" so many times you just brush it off at this point.

6. Certain cuss words have become a staple to your vocabulary.

7. When someone asks if you're a Blues, Cardinals, Packers, Twins, or Heat fan.


That's worse than putting ketchup on your hot dog.

8. You've called your best friend the Kane to your Toews.


9. And the Rizzo to your Bryant.

10. You refer to at least one Chicago star athlete as your husband.

Jonathan Toews, if you're reading this please call me.

11. You have posted the lyrics of "Chelsea Dagger"as Instagram captions and you're not ashamed of it.

12. Overtime is stressful AF, yet so entertaining.

13. Since there are five teams in the four major sports here in Chicago, you're never bored.

14. Sometimes you spend more money on fan gears and tickets than you do on makeup.

15. You have an endless amount of hilarious memes at your disposal.

And there are many, many more.

16. You personally identify with Jason Segel's character in "Bad Teacher" from this one classic scene.

17. You have mastered the art of coherently arguing about the game while drunk.

18. You went through a phase where you actually thought this mullet was attractive.

And maybe you still do, I don't judge.

19. And you know exactly why I made this a list of 19.

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