9 Things Seen/Said At An Ole Miss Football Game
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9 Things Seen/Said At An Ole Miss Football Game

Find out what makes up a Rebel football game.

9 Things Seen/Said At An Ole Miss Football Game

When cheering on the Rebels at a football game each Saturday, there are many traditional sayings and signs that scream "Ole Miss Football." There are also some elements that are not necessarily "traditions," but are always a part of the experience.

1. "Hotty Toddy"

This two-word nonsensical phrase is said anytime something good happens in a game. Good call? "Hotty Toddy." Touchdown? "Hotty Toddy." Won the game?" "Hotty Toddy."

2. "Fins Up"

This phrase is normally used to refer to the Rebel defense. It is used in multiple ways such as getting pumped up for the game and saying "Fins up for The Rebs," or saying "Fins up" while making a shark dorsal fin to the forehead after a great tackle.

3. Lock the Vaught

Before each game in the Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, the fans link arms, bend their knees and sway back in forth to await the football team entrance. This move is called "locking the Vaught."

4. The Red Pom Poms

When students reach their seats in the stand they will find a red pom pom waiting for them to wave during the game. Most fans probably feel naked without a pom pom, because it is used so often during games, especially during the fight song.

5. "What section are you in?"

When friends undoubtedly lose each other once they enter the stadium, there are the countless texts and phone calls to find out what section to go to find them. If lucky enough to get a text or call to go through, a typical response is a picture of the field or which painted letter in "Rebels" in the end zone is across from the section.

6. The Ole Miss Fanatic Frat Star

This is the guy with all 11 sorority stickers on his game day polo, some sort of colored or patterned pants, and a red pom pom in his back pocket.

7. The Ultimate Ole Miss Football Fan

These are the guys and girls who absolutely live for Ole Miss Football. They talk about it every day of the week. They are truly heartbroken after a loss and experience the deepest form of joy after a win. They scream at the players, coaches, and fans throughout the whole game thinking this will somehow help with the outcome. No one around them really knows what to say because it does not make much sense to normal fans.

8. The Girl Who Is Just There for the Party

She goes to the Grove and game to dress up cute and socialize. She goes in the game for a little while and just wants to chat with friends, take some pictures, and shake a pom pom when a touchdown happens. She may ask a few questions to seem interested, but she really doesn't care all that much. Side note: It is hilarious to see a No. 7 and No. 8 in a conversation during a game. Normally, the girl asked a question to an ultimate fan, and the girl immediately ends up in a deep conversation about penalties that she regrets. There is nothing wrong about being this girl, she just rather be doing other things than watch the game.

9. "Win The Day"

Under the Hugh Freeze dynasty, the phrase "Win The Day" has been coined. Fans wake up on a game day Saturday and say, "Come on Rebels, let's Win The Day."

So fans, get your "Fins Up" for the rebels and prepare to Win The Day this Saturday! Hotty Toddy!

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