Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich And Other Heated Debate Questions
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'Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich' And Other Debates To Ruin Your Friendships

Put your phone down and amuse your brain with these amazing debates.

hot dogs on buns like sandwiches

We spend so much time talking to our friends via Snapchat, Facebook, X, Instagram, etc. that we don't take advantage of actually having a face-to-face conversation . So, put your phone down. Invoke your creativity. Engage in friendly debates with your friends. Seriously. It's not only fun with friends but it's also good for the soul.

1. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

woman eats a hot dog Photo by Josh Pereira on Unsplash

If it's not a sandwich then, what is it?

2. Is Earth really just a simulation?

earth globe Photo by Onno Blaauw on Unsplash

Is everything we've ever known a deception? Some people believe so .

3. Is water wet?

water drops at the surface Photo by Daniel Sinoca on Unsplash

Now really think about this. Is there "dry" water? Can ice be wet?

4. Is cereal a soup?

milk being poured into a cereal bowl Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash

If you pour milk into the cereal is the milk a soup ?

5. Who would win in a fight? One 500-lb duck or 500 1-lb ducks?

duckling in a park Photo by Tiago Mestre on Unsplash

Could the 500 1-lb ducks gang up on the one big duck or will the one big duck stomp out all of the little ducks?

6. Sock, sock, shoe, shoe? or sock, shoe, sock, shoe?

man enjoys his feet up with white socks and shoes Photo by gryffyn m on Unsplash

Is there a right or wrong way to put your socks and shoes on?

7. What is more of a salad? Fruit salad or potato salad?

fruit salad Photo by Dana DeVolk on Unsplash

What even is a salad?

8. Loved and lost? Or never loved at all?

person forms heart with hands Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Is the feeling of love worth the feeling of losing it or are all of the feelings not worth it at all?

9. Do straws have two holes or one?

straws with holes Photo by Ana Lucia Cottone on Unsplash

Do straws have two holes or one continuous hole?

10. Are a dog's front limbs called arms? or legs?

dog on all four legs Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Do dogs have 4 legs? Or 2 arms and 2 legs?

11. How do you actually pronounce GIF?

man is unsure Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Like "gift" or like "jiffy"?

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