1. Sunrises.

2. Mac & Cheese.

3. Comfy sweaters.

4. Good books.

5. Going swimming on a hot day.

6. Bonfires.

7. Fun times spent with friends and family.

8. Rainy Saturdays.

9. Dogs and cats.

10. Good hair days.

12. Funny jokes.

13. Awesome teachers/bosses.

14. Autumn.

15. Naps.

16. Your favorite team winning a game.

17. The clean feeling after bathing.

18. Netflix.

19. The smell of laundry.

20. Hugging people who are good at giving hugs.

21. Good music you haven't heard yet.

22. Mood boards.

23. When someone you know says hi to you in public.

24. Sweatpants.

25. Barack Obama and Joe Biden's bromance.

26. Relate-able tweets.

27. Significant others.

28. The feeling after giving/receiving a genuine compliment.

29. People who smell good.

30. People with soft hands.

31. Chocolate.

32. Waking up hours before your alarm and being able to go back to sleep.

33. Inspirational quotes.

34. Making new friends.

35. Scents that bring back good memories.

36. Being congratulated on something you're proud of.

37. When someone holds the door open for you.

38. Free food.

39. A really comfortable chair.

40. Successfully wrapping a present.

41. Going to sleep when you're tired.

42. Receiving good news.

43. Watching a good movie for the first time.

44. Hearing songs from the early 2000's.

45. Pay day.

46. Finally getting something you bought online in the mail.

47. Car jam sessions.

48. Fast wifi.

49. Michael Buble Holiday Radio on Pandora.

50. Cuddling.

51. Meeting your idol.

52. "Hallowthanksmas."

53. A new episode of your favorite TV show.

54. The smell of popcorn.

55. Seeing an old friend.

56. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis's marriage.

57. When Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's rekindled their relationship.

58. Disney Channel reunions.

59. Really neat typography.

60. Bass drops in dub-step.

61. Eating freshly baked bread.

62. Thank you notes.

63. Road trips.

64. Wearing your favorite pajamas.

65. The smell after rain.

66. When your outfit is on point.

67. When your crush likes you back.

68. When your horoscope matches you.

69. The pink and blue sour gummy worms.

70. Seeing your food come to you at a restaurant.

71. John 3:16.

72. Good selfie lighting.

73. Odyssey.

74. Friday nights.

75. The cold side of a pillow.

76. Finding extra cash in your pockets.

77. Baby animals play-fighting.

78. Driving with your windows down on a nice day.

79. Miracle stories.

80. Lazy Sundays.

81. Feeling comfortable with someone.

82. Drinking/eating warm soup when you're cold.

83. Loving someone more than you can explain.

84. Getting a massage.

85. Oceans by Hillsong United.

86. Noticing someone going out of their way to do something nice for you.

87. Remembering something you almost forgot.

88. A really cool hat.

89. Hearing a little kid unintentionally saying a cuss word.

90. Getting a good grade on a test you did/didn't study for.

91. When someone scratches your head or plays with your hair.

92. Comfortable socks.

93. Baby pictures.

94. Getting a BINGO.

95. Showing up prepared.

96. Feeling your skin after a shave.

97. Getting a new phone.

98. Knowing someone out in the world loves you.

99. Sunsets.

100. A chance to make tomorrow better.