Your Biological Best Friend
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Your Biological Best Friend

You love to hate 'em, you hate to love 'em... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Your Biological Best Friend
Cori Mendelow

Cody and Cori… it’s adorable, I know, we planned it, I requested the similar-yet-different boys’ name whilst I was in the womb. I got the most versatile name though because mine ends in an “i”, so mom could draw little hearts in place of the dot on my lunch bags in elementary school. Try doing that with a “y” – you can’t.

My entire life (minus my first 14 years of existence in which Cody hated me) my brother has been the Tweedle Dee to my Tweedle Dum. But that’s okay because we got over it and now it’s all good. In the past four years, I have realized that at the end of the day, my brother is truly my partner in crime (PIC). I'm sure I'm going to forget more things I want to say and then kick myself around for it, but that is for another article another time. Right now, here are 7 reasons why your sibling is your best friend:

1. They make you a better you

In every fashion, I promise you your sibling will make you better in some way. Most of how they make you better will piss you off, but that which pisses you off only strengthens your character (somehow).

My brother, being a collegiate athlete, is very into working out. For him, it’s like binge drinking, but with weights and a different kind of bar; he’ll work out for hoooours. It’s absurd, like why are you doing all of that so much, just stop showing off, we all get it. Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting my workout on, and then he’ll come into my room and start guilting me about it. “You gonna come workout, Cor? No? Ah okay then, well I mean, that’s your call I guess.” So of course, weak little Cor caves and decides she needs to get her pump on. My brother somehow skips the application and interview process to assume the position of Cori’s Personal Trainer; this job includes (apparently) the freedom to critique form, repetition, and Cori’s overall insufficiency in working out as compared to his 200+ pound muscled self. Okay, yeah. Let me just do my crunches in the corner over here on the other side of the house in a closed room where you can’t see my form.

2. They're your competition, but not really... at all

My brother and I are polar opposites in every possible aspect of our separate beings. I’m short, he’s tall. I’m frail, he’s built. I’m not an athlete, he’s a Navy rugby player. I’m a good writer, he sucks at writing. I suck at science, he kills it with a beaker and some numbers.

The drastic differences are what make you and your siblings work so well together. Each of you brings something new to the table. I am the go-to for finding music for car rides. Cody likes to work out, and I'm small enough for him to squat or bench press (depends on whether its leg day or arm day). Realistically, there is no real way to compare yourself to your sibling. Besides your parents, everything else is up to you. For example, we were both dark brunettes, but then I got bored and went blonde. #choice. The successes and accomplishments of your sibling do however appear to make them your competition (typically for attention). It's important to use their successes to motivate you rather than frustrate you. My brother and his dedication to his academics made me want to study harder and do better, but I must admit it's hard to measure up. Competition is motivation.

You can't compare me to Cody because, #1, he's a boy and I'm a girl so you're stupid to even try. It is always best to have a best friend that you don't see as competition because it just is and that's my reasoning.

Thanks for being you, Cody!! Even if you irritates me half the time.

3. They protect you

Given that I am half the size of my brother, physically protecting me is not an issue for him. I know how determined Cody is to keep me safe by the little things that he does. If he slams on the brakes, he'll throw his arm out across my chest to protect me if the airbags were to go off. Whenever we are walking around out in public, even something like walking back to the car when it's dark, he always makes me walk in front of him. There have been multiple times in which Cody gets a weird vibe from somebody in the room and will move himself to whatever side he needs to separate me from them. Cody puts my physical well being above that of his own, which is pretty cool. It's like I have a biological bodyguard.

Socially, your sibling works to protect your reputation. If I hear smack circulating about him, I shut it down; similarly, if Cody hears judgment about me, he'll shut it down. When it comes to saying mean things about me, the only person allowed to do so is my brother, and he's only allowed to say those things to myself (not to other people cause that's just not cool). And only I am allowed to insult my brother to him directly.

Sibling protection also presents itself in annoying ways. Up until Cody left for college, I could never sleep in. It was not possible. Cody would drag me out of bed, pour water on me, blast music, flash the lights, jump on me, literally anything to get me up because he refused to let me make him late for school (even though I did. Multiple times. Ha.) I have never ever in my life been a morning person, so such a cruel and annoying awakening usually would just make me cry, to which he would respond to by saying, "mom told me to wake you up. You're up. Get out of bed." Sometimes he'd eat all of my favorite snacks in the house, or, ever since the gains happened, he'd eat all of everything in the house so I'd get hangry and frustrated, and again, I'd throw hands. But, looking back on it, he saved me a lot of empty calories. So, I forgive you.

Part of my brother being so protective kinda connects to reason #4, but also works pretty well for #3 too. If I start seeing someone that it not "sibling-approved", he'll tell me. Being so close with my brother, I trust and value his opinion (sometimes, not all the time, chill Cody). So if Cody tells me that he doesn't like the guy I'm seeing, that is a sign for me to quit seeing that guy.

4. They'll tell it to you straight up

The relationship you have with your sibling is the most honest and open relationship possible. This means you always speak your mind around them, and (unfortunately) they do too. They'll throw shade left and right at you and you just have to deal with it, because normally, they're right.

Cody is not a mean person. Nor does he ever intentionally try to hurt me (minus when we were younger but that was only because I would bite him when I was mad). However, my brother will be the first to tell me I look like crap, because in this sibling relationship, you call it like you see it. If you stink, expect some deodorant or perfume to be thrown at you. If you're dressed a little too scandalous, don't think your sibling won't call you out on it. This isn't a first date where if your stomach growls you pretend not to notice it, this is the type where a disturbing bodily function occurs and you get caaaallled out.

If you start seeing someone that they don't approve of, they'll tell you. If you did something that they thought wasn't okay, they'll let you know. Personally, I've (tried) to throw hands at Cody when he tries to act like a father to me, but I have to remind myself that he's only a pain in my ass because he loves me. I think. Don't really know, but we'll roll with it.

5. They can be bribed

Your sibling is omniscient. They see all, they know all. Being only 21 months apart in age (shocking I know), our social groups were/are intertwined at times. This means if I make a dumb decision while I'm out, I should just get ready for the lecture when I return.

Lucky for us, siblings are smart and can take a good bribe when offered. When we were younger, this may have been candy or a couple quarters you found on Mom's floor. For my brother and I, he would typically accidentally hurt me when we were "playing". I'd start crying, and he'd start trying to shush me, shoving various plush animals at me and promising to let me watch my show on TV. As we got older, the terms of bribery change. Your sibling will not tell your parents that you did that, as long as you do not tell your parents about what they did. If you somehow breach these terms, all secrets and blackmail will be released and your good relations will be terminated (briefly). You pay it forward. Part of getting along with your siblings is always owing them one, and being real enough to cover for them when needed. Remember, if they go down, you go down with them.

6. You're the best team

If you want something done for the greater good of the household as a whole, for example, say, getting a hermit crab, you know all you gotta do is get your brother on board. Not only did we get not one hermit crab, but 6, Cody and I also got 3 bunnies, toads from the backyard (and crickets to feed them), cats, dogs, and a few snakes because why not, they were on sale at PetCo.

You want pizza for dinner? Now you have another vote for pizza. You want a later curfew? Refer to #5, and if they accept the bribe, now you have another vote for a later curfew. In arguments, they are your acting lawyer. When you're out and about in the town running errands, one drives, one DJs, and you know they'll play those bomb tunes. At the grocery store, you have a designated loader and unloader. Doing the kitchen, one of you washes, one of you cleans. You work together as siblings. They're the best wingman/wing woman you're ever gonna find in your area. If you're gonna throw out some lie, they got you. They'll even help fabricate evidence for your parents. My brother likes to give hugs that pop backs, and I like getting my back popped. Teams need players that are versatile and different from each other. Our differences are what make us the best team.

You want to talk for hours about planes and wars and such? Go for it. Just know that that entitles me to talk about whatever topic I want to talk about following this conversation. But for right now, I'll listen.

They'll rally for you. They'll rally beside you. I know Cody and I have a pretty neat relationship. If I want to go get food, he's always down for some grub. If I want a drive, he'll take shotgun. If I'm being lazy, he'll lecture me until I'm being not lazy. Undefeated. Teamwork. You want pizza, let's get pizza? Fries? I'm down. I know if I need something, I can always count on my brother to come in cluuuuuuutch.

7. They're always there at the end of the day

It's really hard going to different colleges just because that has never been a reality before. He was always right down the hall. All of the hard times I've gone through, he's experienced with me, just as I've felt all of the hurt that he's felt. He's been there to help carry the burden of the health complications in our family, and when dad was in the hospital or not feeling well, Cody would assume the role as the man of the house. Protecting my mom and I. The moment and hardship that made my brother and I become so close was the move from Texas to North Carolina 4 days before the first day of my freshman year. We were both the new kids in a completely different school, community, state, and house. Everything was different and we adapted and grew together. So here we are, 18 years of cohabitation and mutual existence, we made it. Sibling love is unconditional, you can get into a screaming fight over who ate all of the cookies, and then revert back to bffs in a couple hours. No matter what goes on, I know he'll be there for me at the end of the day and I'll always be thankful for that.

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