The day after Parkland suffered a tragedy that no one else should have to face, an article was posted that called out people for discussing politics too soon. The article opened with this:

"This country has seen more than our fair share of heartbreak and disaster. We have too many tragedies in our country to even be able to function most of the time."

I'm not here to waste my time, so let me break this down.

This country has seen more than our fair share of heartbreak and disaster. We have too many tragedies in our countries to even be able to function most of the time.

These two sentences alone prove the need for a political talk about how to stop these tragedies. The article is completely right, this country has time and time again suffered immense pain at the hands of guns. This is exactly why the conversation needs to happen, and fast. We do have too many tragedies, and it's ruining our country. So instead of simply sending thoughts and prayers, I'm choosing to get off my ass and do something about it.

The next paragraph stated:

"With the latest shooting, my heart is broken for this country. After it happened, it took less than 2 hours for my Twitter feed to be filled with "gun control" tweets. This disgusted me in more ways than one."

First of all, I want to point out exactly who was tweeting about gun control.

This is Carly Novell, a survivor of the Parkland shooting. Less than 24 hours after she faced what no child should ever have to face, she was tweeting about gun control and asking for change, not thoughts and prayers.

While this tweet was later deleted after going viral, the message stands clear. Not two hours from the shooting, Sarah Chadwick took to Twitter to advocate for gun control. Chadwick was one of the Parkland survivors, and would rather see change than thoughts and prayers.

Chadwick later tweeted this as a replacement for her original tweet. She continues to advocate for gun control.

There are plenty more examples, but I'm not going to list every tweet from every survivor of gun control because I could fill a book with them. They are all on the same page, and it's time for you to be too.

Let's move on. Later on, the article said this:

"Lives were ENDED, and all you have to say is that it is our President's fault? Really?Many Americans need to grow up and wake up."

Lives were ENDED, and all you have to give is thoughts and prayers? Really? Many Americans need to grow up and wake up. There is a much larger debate here than blaming the President. The article is choosing to focus on blaming and bashing, and this is not a worthy representation of the Never Again movement.

Next quote:

"I agree that we need to look at how available AR-15's and SMG's are to the public. Background checks should be more extensive and those with mental disabilities need to be taken into further consideration.

However, you cannot logically get rid of all guns. When you do this, you take away the guns from people who would defend their neighbors and put it in the hands of only criminals. Oh, but if guns were illegal then there would be no guns, right? Yeah, just like there are not cocaine or methamphetamine addicts. Drugs are illegal, but you see more illegal drugs in the hands of ignorant teenagers than the cancer patients who could use it."

I'm a little confused here. This article's main focus is that we cannot possibly talk about gun control so soon. Is this not adding to the discussion of gun control? Is this not hypocrisy in its finest form? If an article talks about the importance of giving people time to grieve, then the article has no say in the political debate over gun control.

The article closed with:

"Shut up about your political agenda and show empathy for these people. We are all sick of hearing it, and you might actually get further in life if you show some respect."

I will not shut up about my political agenda. I am showing empathy by aiding them in the fight to ensure that no one else will have to go through what they've gone through. You are sick of hearing it; the victims aren't.

The gun control debate has been discussed long before Parkland. Nobody was willing to listen, however, because the gun violence was happening in communities comprised primarily of people of color. Remember the black lives matter movement?

Ricky Dixon and Kimson Green were the victims of senseless gun violence less than a week ago, but nobody seems to be stopping everything to give them thoughts and prayers, are they? Senseless gun violence happens daily in poc communities. If we stop and give every single victim of gun violence thoughts and prayers, nothing will get done.

Believe me, I am praying for every single person affected by gun violence. I continue to do so, as more and more people get murdered. But the gun control debate needs to happen. Without it, nothing will change, and we will drown in our thoughts and prayers.