20 songs for college move-in day that you need
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Student Life

20 Songs For College Move-In

Futons, 3M strips, and a lot of yelling will be present, but hopefully, these songs will create a better mood.

Girl ready to go with her move in the back of her car.

Move-in day is one of the most stressful days of the year. Parents and students all over the country will be packing up and heading to the dorms over the next few weekends to set up shop in their new homes. Futons, 3M strips, and a lot of yelling will be present, but hopefully, these songs will create a better mood. Here is a list of 20 songs that fit the move-in day vibes and might make the big move a little bit more fun.

1. “The Party’s Just Begun” - The Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls | The Party Is Just Begun - Music Video - Disney Channel Italiawww.youtube.com

2. “We Can’t Stop” - Miley Cyrus

miley cyrs videowe cant stop music video GIF by VevoGiphy

3. “Nothing But Trouble” - Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth

4. “Work” - Rihanna

rihanna dancingAnimated GIFGiphy

5. “Drag Me Down” - One Direction

6. “Work Hard, Play Hard” - Wiz Khalifa

7. “Together We Can” - The Cheetah Girls

Gif of cheetah girlsdisney channel GIFGiphy

8. “Don’t Stop Belivin” - Journey

9. "I'll Make a Man Out of You" - Donny Osmond

gif of Mulan sceneWalt Disney Animation Studios Shang GIF by DisneyGiphy

10. "Home" - One Direction

Home - One Direction (Lyrics)I don't own anything. The rights belong to the owner. □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ my instagram: ...

11. "Fashion Killa" - A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa (Explicit - Official Video)www.youtube.com

12. "Future" - Transviolet

scene from transviolet music videodance jump GIF by TRANSVIOLETGiphy

13. "Mixtape 2003" - The Academic

14. "Chelsea Dagger" - The Fratellis

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger (Official Music Video)Music video by The Fratellis performing Chelsea Dagger. (C) 2006 Universal Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company.

15. "Sweatpants" - Childish Gambino

16. "Went Missing" - Mike Stud

Mike Stud - Went Missing (official video)www.youtube.com

17. "Don't Forget Where You Belong" - One Direction

One direction gifone direction GIFGiphy

18. "Introducing Me" - Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas - Introducing Me (From "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam"/Sing-Along)www.youtube.com

19. "Love is an Open Door" - Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana

gif of frozenfrozen GIFGiphy

20. "Summer Nights" - John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

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