Why I Live For Tuesdays

Why I Live For Tuesdays

Because why not truly live for every single day you get to be alive?

When I was lying in bed the other day I noticed how the last time I had looked at the time on my phone it was 11:59 p.m. Nothing had changed except for seven minutes when I looked at my clock and it said 12:06 a.m. However, I thought of something rather morbid;

I could die today.

Yes, everyone always uses expressions like "Tomorrow isn't promised," and more quotes about how we shouldn't take life for granted. But, this one thought made me change my perception on life.

Lately, one of my best friends has been going through a really hard time. Honestly, it hurts so bad knowing that I cannot take away her pain. We laugh a lot, and I do silly things to make her smile; but, deep down I knew she wasn't OK.

While school, relationships, and finances are all important — often times we forget the purpose of life.

"What if tomorrow, I got the news that I had MS?" I asked her, and she looked slightly confused. "What if I got into a really bad accident to the point that my hand would have to be amputated? I wouldn't be able to be a surgeon."

Yes, I would be able to overcome challenges, and just because life throws obstacles in your way it does not mean that you cannot still have a fulfilling life. But, the sad thing is we put our hopes and dreams into empty promises.

I could be the smartest student in the world. I could be the hardest worker, study more than anyone, but because of the uncertainties of life, I may not accomplish my goals that I put years of effort into.

I could die in the middle of typing this article and it would never be published.

So, why should we choose to live like this?

Day in and day out: stressed. Fearful of a failing midterm grade. Scared of not making the right choices. Stricken with anxiety and mental breakdowns of things that substantially won't mean much of anything five years from now.

One day my calculus professor passed back a midterm that most people did miserably on. He continued by teaching another lecture. Though, when he turned around to see our faces, he must have noticed the disappointed look in our eyes for he said something no professor has ever told me before: "This will not matter in 30 years. The amount of points you missed on this test — you will not remember. It's over now, we just have to move on."

And it's really that simple. We move on. We cannot be so fixated on one mistake or one bad grade or one thing that we failed in life. Life is about failures; but more so, it's about how we overcome them.

Spend time with people that you aspire to be like. Surround yourself with those that make you a better you.

If your legs hurt from being on them all day, be grateful because you can walk.

If your thoughts consume your life, be happy because you exist.

If you're exhausted from lack of sleep, be thankful you woke up today.

The purpose in life isn't to get the most likes on your Instagram picture, nor is it to receive the highest grade out of your classmates.

Because at the end of it all, it truly won't matter who won.

The trophies we collected will be thrown in a box only to be discarded by future relatives. Our names will one day be forgotten when we cease to exist; even famous actors of our time will not be remembered one hundred years from now. Life is so dynamic in the sense that it is always changing, and so are you.

So never stop striving to be a better you today than you were yesterday; Learn to love yourself and do things for you. Go to a painting class. Sing karaoke(badly if necessary.) Try yoga. Make a bucket list. Cross items off of it. It's easy to live for the weekend- but don't. Live for Tuesday's. Make every day a day you appreciate your existence. I don't care if you're 14 or 40. Be the cliche version of you that you've always wanted to be.

When someone asks where you see yourself ten years from now, I hope you think "Happy," because, in the end, nothing else matters.

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If You've Ever Been Called Overly-Emotional Or Too Sensitive, This Is For You

Despite what they have told you, it's a gift.

Emotional: a word used often nowadays to insult someone for their sensitivity towards a multitude of things. If you cry happy tears, you're emotional. If you express (even if it's in a healthy way) that something is bothering you, you're sensitive. If your hormones are in a funk and you just happen to be sad one day, you're emotional AND sensitive.

Let me tell you something that goes against everything people have probably ever told you. Being emotional and being sensitive are very, very good things. It's a gift. Your ability to empathize, sympathize and sensitize yourself to your own situation and to others' situations is a true gift that many people don't possess, therefore many people do not understand.

Never let someone's negativity towards this gift of yours get you down. We are all guilty of bashing something that is unfamiliar to us: something that is different. But take pride in knowing God granted this special gift to you because He believes you will use it to make a difference someday, somehow.

This gift of yours was meant to be utilized. It would not be a part of you, if you were not meant to use it. Because of this gift, you will change someone's life someday. You might be the only person that takes a little extra time to listen to someone's struggle when the rest of the world turns their backs. In a world where a six figure income is a significant determinant in the career someone pursues, you might be one of the few who decides to donate your time for no income at all. You might be the first friend someone thinks to call when they get good news, simply because they know you will be happy for them. You might be an incredible mother who takes too much time to nurture and raise beautiful children who will one day change the world.

To feel everything with every single part of your being is a truly wonderful thing. You love harder. You smile bigger. You feel more. What a beautiful thing! Could you imagine being the opposite of these things? Insensitive and emotionless?? Both are unhealthy, both aren't nearly as satisfying, and neither will get you anywhere worth going in life.

Imagine how much richer your life is because you love other's so hard. It might mean more heartache, but the reward is always worth the risk. Imagine how much richer your life is because you are overly appreciative of the beauty a simple sunset brings. Imagine how much richer your life is because you can be moved to tears by the lessons of someone else's story.

Embrace every part of who you are and be just that 100%. There will be people who criticize you for the size of your heart. Feel sorry for them. There are people who are dishonest. There are people who are manipulative. There are people who are downright malicious. And the one thing people say to put you down is "you feel too much." Hmm..

Sounds like more of a compliment to me. Just sayin'.

Cover Image Credit: We Heart It

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Telling Yourself You Are Beautiful Will Make You Even More Beautiful

You are you, and that's what makes you beautiful.


As a woman, there is a lot of pressure on having the perfect body image. Long legs, tan skin, a flat stomach, the list can go on forever. From pictures that we see in magazines, tv, and so on display only a small percentage of people who can achieve the [from what society thinks] is the perfect body type. I know when I've looked in the mirror, the first things I draw attention to are the things I am most self-conscious about, my stomach, my legs, and my jawline are just to name a few.

When I was younger, I would go to Bible camp every summer. I always learned a lot about myself during these times and would consider them "some of the best days of my life". The days were filled with positivity, Gospel, and building self-confidence. Out of all of the great things I learned while my times at Bible camp, there is one thing that stuck out to me the most.

I remember specifically one night, we were talking about body positivity. We are all our own worst critics, and how most of us think that we aren't beautiful ourselves. My camp counselor gave us a task that seemed quite odd to do. She said that we need to go in the mirror, look yourself up and down, and then in the eye and say, "you are beautiful".

Everyone got in line to the mirror and started doing so. Some girls had a hard time saying it or laughed at themselves saying it. I know when I went up to the mirror, it was hard for me to say it out loud that I am beautiful. At the time I was in that awkward stage of puberty where you kind of look like a kid, but kind of looks like an adult and your body is all disproportionate from growing/developing. Least to say, it was rough. But looking myself up and down in the mirror, seeing all my curves and edges and then saying "You are beautiful" to yourself is absolutely liberating.

Still to this day if I ever feel down about myself, I look in the mirror and tell myself that I am beautiful. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. We don't need someone to tell us we are beautiful, you just need to tell yourself that you are beautiful, and you WILL shine brighter than you ever have before.

You will not believe how much your outlook on life improves when you tell yourself you are beautiful, and you are in every way, shape, and form.

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