Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about how culture [in my lifetime] has evolved. Growing up we don't quite understand what is good and bad around us. Thus, childhood innocence. However, from what I noticed growing up was that women are meant to find their 'prince charming' [thanks Hollywood]. But I already had the predisposition of going into and high school being with some sort of prince charming. Plus back in the day, it seemed like dating was so easy. (You all know what I mean...mid 20th-century dating).

Well as we all know that is not very true. Prince charming doesn't just come rolling in and BOOM happy ever after. It takes a lot of effort and looking to find them. However, with our culture evolving and [I think] becoming more individualistic, especially among women, that being in relationships is becoming more uncommon than common.

Thinking about it, relationships were once a need, especially for women back in the day. Plus, that was just the lifestyle, getting married young and growing old together no matter what. I think that today people have become so hard-headed and butt heads so much that nobody even wants to be nice to each other. Not to mention how chivalry is SO DEAD.

I have come to the conclusion that relationships are becoming more of a want than a need. More people are growing older flying solo than ever before. However, maybe I have this attitude because I am young and have had a few bad experiences, but I don't plan on being cuffed any time soon. But the thought of being married sounds so unappealing.

Trust me, I think about it all the time, but do you know you always have that 'gut' feeling about something? Well, I have a gut feeling about this, and how it just isn't my cup of tea and to be honest I am perfectly okay with that.

The concept of dating is slowly fading away in our society. Time to stop worrying about being loved by someone, and find love in yourself.