Ways To Stay Safe And Healthy On Spring Break
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Health and Wellness

Ways To Stay Safe And Healthy On Spring Break

Have fun, but come home in one piece.

Ways To Stay Safe And Healthy On Spring Break
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Spring Break is the week all college students look forward to. Whether you’re stoked for lying on the beach with your 500 closest friends, or you’re just going home for the week, a week off from classes is much anticipated. I’ve come up with 10 tips for keeping you all safe and healthy over spring break!

Don’t Drink … Well At Least Not Too Much.

Okay this will probably make me sound like your mom, but try not to drink too much over break. Space out your drinks and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water so you don’t get dehydrated!

Don’t Drink On An Empty Stomach:

Spring break can be expensive, so make sure that you set aside money for food. While you might be tempted to spend all of your money on alcohol or to upgrade to that room with a nicer view, having money for food is so much more important. You will be outside in the heat, and possibly drinking, so you don’t want to tempt fate and end up sick. Also, when you get that Taco Bell craving at 3 a.m. you’ll definitely want to have a few bucks to spend on some nachos and a supreme taco.

Know Your Limits.

While you might think you know your limits for your usual night out, keep in mind that drinking on spring break is much different. Throw in the heat, dehydration, and the possibility of wanting to be “one of the guys” or keeping up with other people, your state could be much different than normal. If you choose to drink, take it slow and don’t over do it.

Know The Signs Of Alcohol Poisoning.

If you or one of your friends didn’t pay attention to numbers one, two and three on this list, it's possible that they might drink until they get sick. Alcohol poisoning is no joke, and according to Forbes almost two thousand college students die every year from alcohol-related causes. Signs of alcohol poisoning include slow or irregular breathing, vomiting, and loss of consciousness. If your friend exhibits signs of alcohol poisoning, monitor them and get them to the hospital immediately. Trust me, their parents would rather pay for an emergency room visit than a funeral.

Don’t Hook Up.

Trust me on this one: do you really think you will pick a 9 or 10 after an entire day of being in the sun and possibly drinking? Probably not. Also according to an article on Everyday Health, one in four college students has an STD. Another thing to consider is that you probably won’t even know more than where your partner goes to school, let alone their last name. Would you really want to risk your personal health for one night of fun?

Download "Find My Friends."

While tracking your friends might seem creepy during a regular day, when you are all in an unknown place it is a great way to make sure no one gets lost! It is an app by Apple that uses the location of their phone and offers the ability to notify you where they are and gives you their exact address. Download it here.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!

If you're being safe and following all these tips, you're sure to have a great time this spring break!

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