I Told My Boyfriend And Friends I Want A Baby

I came across a picture on Facebook saying 'Text your boyfriend you want a baby and post his reaction.' I had seen many different versions of this recently and I decided why not text everyone this? Anyone who knows me well knows I love children so I was curious to see their reactions and well... they were fun.

The Mixed Reactions From My Roomates

You can tell which ones have the baby fever, but I don't know how great of us both having a kid at the same time would be.

It's A No From My Third Roommate

This answer didn't really surprise me to be honest.

My Sorority Sister Called Me

Once I had answered 'Hayley' back, she gave me a call. I couldn't answer though because I was laughing way too hard and it would've given it away.

Another Sorority Sister States She Can't Help Me

I'm not for sure if this was supportive of the idea or not.

Long Distance Bestie Agreed

This message was then followed by how we should get our degrees before we have children.

He Knew I Was Kidding

Yeah, he kind of knew I had to be kidding.

But Why?

He read my first message and didn't answer. Naturally had to call him out for it.

The Boyfriend

The boyfriend shut down the idea a little fast. Then asked to give him reasons so yeah... he won. He claims he knew I was joking, but I'm not for sure if I should completely believe that.

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