The decision of whether or not to join a sorority is one of the major hot topics when finding a roommate and beginning college.

Being a part of a sorority is known through the media as THE thing to do because of the party scene and having a good time. However, it's really hard to know if joining a sorority is the right thing to do (commonly seen on any sorority article ever written).

Even after a whole year of college, I'm happy with the friends that I've made and proud I've broken a common stereotype of being the typical sorority girl.

Although, no matter how happy I seem to be with my campus ministry and writing, I still have a yearning for what life might be like in a sorority and meeting more girls like me. After going through spring recruitment, which is the big thing to do at major universities, is not the case at JMU.

It turns out Spring Recruitment is only to fill a smaller number of spots than fall recruitment. I realized that a lot of girls were competing to fit into a group which is intimidating. As the week progressed, it was impossible to get my work done and I knew that if I joined a sorority, this would be the new, stressful reality. I slowly felt the uneasiness and pressure to fit into a group and be accepted.

Truth is, I can't speak for what happens inside a sorority because every girl's story is different. With my friend complaining about all the sorority events she had to go to, there's no time for other activities. As frustrating and tiring as spring recruitment was, for some reason, I still want to do it again.

There's only one thing holding me back from a sorority: not being able to join other activities. One of the reasons why I thought I belonged in a sorority is because other people thought that I should.

Who you are in college and every year is going to be different. Change is the only thing that is constant. You are the only person that can determine who you are. Your identity doesn't always lie with other people. Finding you is hard, to say the least, but becomes easier once you do activities you truly enjoy.

I've gone back and forth to decide if I should join a sorority and the answer is always the same: I don't know.

The point is, it's perfectly OK to say "I don't know if I want to be in a sorority." College is already hard enough and there's no point in stating you want to be in a sorority just to say you "fit in." Truth is, everyone fits in somewhere and you just have to find it. Your place doesn't necessarily have to be a sorority at first, but it could be someday.