Reasons Why You Should Go Through Winter Recruitment
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Reasons Why You Should Go Through Winter Recruitment

Contemplating Greek life but terrified of the idea of formal recruitment? Winter recruitment might be just the thing for you.

Reasons Why You Should Go Through Winter Recruitment

It's a new year, a new semester. You decided this semester you want to try something new, be spontaneous, join a group or organization you never might have imagined joining. You constantly see the Greek letters all around campus but the obnoxious chaos of formal recruitment never made you contemplate joining a sorority. Now it's winter recruitment time and the casual meet and greets with different sororities sound a little more intriguing, but you're still not really sure. If you're hesitant about going Greek, but would like to genuinely know what it's all about, winter recruitment might be the perfect thing for you and here's exactly why:

1. Winter recruitment is casual, down-to-earth, and fun.

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Unlike formal recruitment, winter recruitment is a lot more casual. No need to stress about what to wear, how you look, etc. (although honestly you should never stress out about that, even during formal recruitment). Most sororities do a lot of really fun, casual events, like a movie night with sisters, baking desserts at their house, and events that any girl would enjoy doing with a group of her closest friends. It's practically a giant fun hangout, and if you think of it like that you'll really enjoy yourself.

2. If you're really worried, you can go with your friends.

With formal recruitment, many colleges assign girls to specific groups and decide when they'll be visiting which sorority when. With winter recruitment it's more like an open house for girls who want to know more about a specific sisterhood. You can walk in when you want, with your friends or by yourself, and generally leave when you please. No need for strict rules or guidelines. This is your time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, but not be completely overwhelmed.

3. Not a fan of large crowds? No problem.

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Winter recruitment, for the most part, is generally much smaller. This gives you more time to talk to people, ask questions, and relax a little. Formal recruitment can be overwhelming, loud, crowded, and nerve-wracking. Sometimes people thrive in crowds and love breaking out of their shells and meeting new people, and that's great! But if you are a little more introverted, winter recruitment might be the perfect amount of stepping out of your comfort zone, without panicking.

4. Feel awkward? No worries.

With winter recruitment there's always something to do! Instead of talking the entire weekend like formal recruitment and always feeling like you have to keep the conversation going. Winter recruitment incorporates fun activities, food, and games in case there is ever an awkward lull in a conversation. If you feel awkward or feel like you're not a big talker, winter recruitment might be the perfect way to try something new in a much more casual way!

5. It's all about you.

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With smaller crowds, casual settings, and fun activities, winter recruitment is all about you! From the meet and greets to "bid night," informal recruitment feels almost more personal and special,
and makes you realize how important you are to a sisterhood. Although formal recruitment is just as important, the smaller groups, quieter atmosphere, and personal conversations of winter recruitment might help a hesitant and curious girl find her perfect home.

6. You have freedom and absolutely no pressure. You do you.

The greatest part of winter recruitment is the freedom. Unlike formal recruitment where you have to make a list, narrow it down, drop sororities, and make stressful decisions, winter recruitment eliminates the pressure. You can go visit whatever sororities you please and pass up on the ones that you think you wouldn't enjoy or feel comfortable going to.

Still not sure? Don't take it from me. Listen to some of my sisters and the reason why they couldn't be happier they went Greek.

"For me it has helped me to be more confident in myself. I've grown a lot as a person. I've definitely come out of my shell a lot within my year of being in a sorority. I've also found my best friends/bridesmaids. Cheesy, I know, but true." --Caitlin

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"It made me push myself more, like to get a leadership position. If I never joined a sorority I never would have joined another group or ever wanted to become a leader." --Rachel

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"Winter recruitment is the best! After recruiting formally, I could not believe the difference. Winter is so much more relaxed. I felt like I could get to know the personalities of each house and each sister way better. I felt like I could be more myself than during formal recruitment! There was no pressure to be someone I wasn't. Also, because my pledge class is so small, we got a lot of benefits that larger classes don't get and got to know each other very quickly! I didn't feel like I had to compete for anyone's attention during winter recruitment. It was awesome not being pressured to choose or drop houses, or being worried I wouldn't like my list. Each sororities' winter events were really unique and fun! Oh, and it was way cool being picked up at my apartment for bid night! Even though I didn't get to jump off a stage I was welcomed by a hundred sisters at my door!" --Hannah

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"As formal recruitment can be a bit overwhelming for some girls, I think winter recruitment is the perfect alternative. I got to talk and learn just as much as I would if I'd went through formal recruitment without having to yell my name out. LOL. I also enjoy the fact that I'm part of the small yet wonderful class!" --Maeva

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]Winter/informal recruitment: A perfect way to step out of your shell, meet more people in a down-to-earth, fun way and join something that could truly change your life for the better. This is your time to go Greek!

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