Top Names in College Football Coaching
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Top Names in College Football Coaching

No seriously, these guys have the best first and/or last names ever.

Top Names in College Football Coaching
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If your family is anything like mine, college football graced your screen more often than Christmas movies this winter break. I'm not complaining; I grew up in a football-loving family, so it's in my blood to watch the game. The past few weeks, as game after game was broadcast, it was hard to ignore one thing; no, not the impressive skill of the young men on the field, but instead the spectacular names of some of their coaches. So, in honor of the National Championship on Jan. 11 where the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers face off for the title, here's a list of some of the best names (in no particular order) in the game of college football.

1. Tommy Tuberville

Tuberville has been the head football coach for the Cincinnati Bearcats since 2012. And hey, how about that alliteration?

2. Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher has been the head football coach for the Florida State Seminoles since 2010. I just really like the name Jimbo.

3. Dino Babers

Dino Babers is the newly appointed head football coach for Syracuse. If I had a dollar for every Dino Babers I'd heard of, I'd have a dollar.

4. Bronco Mendenhall

Mendenhall is the newly appointed head football coach for the Virginia Cavaliers, and you couldn't pay me enough to mess with someone named "Bronco."

5. Art Briles

Art Briles has been the head football coach for the Baylor Bears since 2008. I like to think he has a creative side.

6. D.J. Durkin

Durkin is the newly appointed head football coach for the Maryland Terrapins. Kinda fun to say, kinda reminds me of Dunkin' Donuts.

7. Skip Holtz

Holtz is the current head football coach for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. With a name like Skip, I just hope he's a really fun, nice guy.

8. Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday is the current head football coach for the Marshall Thundering Heard. As a lover of "Tombstone" I can appreciate that this is the most badass nickname ever.

9. Les Miles

Les Miles has been the head football coach for the Louisiana State Tigers since 2005. His name kind of looks like "Les Mis," but that's seems to be the only correlation between the two.

10. Major Applewhite

Major Applewhite is the current offensive coordinator for the Houston Cougars. Maybe his distant relatives were friends with the Appleseeds.

11. Hugh Freeze

Hugh Freeze has been the head football coach for the Ole Miss Rebels since 2011. On the off chance he ever becomes a super hero, he doesn't even have to change his name.

12. Dabo Swinney

Dabo Swinney has been the head football coach for the Clemson Tigers since 2008. I'm starting a petition to get Dabo and Dino to form a musical group.

13. Willie Fritz

Willie Fritz is the newly appointed head football coach for the Tulane Green Wave. He's got that kind of name you have to say both his first and last name when you talk about him.

14. Anthony Poindexter

Anthony Poindexter is currently one of the defensive coordinators for University of Connecticut Huskies. Sure, this is a fun name now, but probably less so in middle school.

15. Eliah Drinkwitz

Eliah Drinkwitz is the current offensive coordinator of the Boise State Broncos. He seems like a pretty cool guy to have a Drinkwitz.

Good luck to the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers; if it's after the game, congratulations to the winning team!

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