Recently, I have been thinking about my "love" life. Although I am not in a relationship with anyone at the moment, I have been trying to date and meet people and eventually meet that one special person.

The other day at work my coworkers and I were talking about the 5 love languages. The 5 love languages consist of quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, and acts of services.

Quality time consists of undivided attention. Being there for this type of person is critical, a person whose love language is quality time feels special when you are just spending time with them. When you are distracted or not listening to them, it can be hurtful to them. This person loves having uninterrupted time and doing activities together. This person deepens their connections with others by just spending time with them.

Physical touch is someone who is touchy, considering physical touch deals with touching. A person who has physical touch as their love language, they love simple touches on the arm, hugs, or even a pat on the back. Physical presence and accessibility are important. Touches that are appropriate and timely touches express warmth, safety, and love.

For a person who has words of affirmation as their top love language, they love compliments. It is important to this person that love is expressed by words such as "I love you," it is meaningful to them. Hearing kind and encouraging words lift their spirits and can make their day.

Receiving gifts seems like a simple and easy love language to understand but it is a little more complex than that. This person enjoys gifts that are meaningful. If you speak this language, the perfect gift can show that you are known and are cared for.

The last love language is acts of services. Acts of service consist of someone helping you with small tasks no matter what it is. Something as little as offering help to this person on a task or doing something for them means a lot to them and shows that you care.

After taking this short quiz online, I was not surprised with my results. My top love language was quality time with physical touch falling two points behind. For myself, I enjoy spending time with the person I am dating or in a relationship with. Just being around them makes me happy, even if we aren't doing anything special. Even if we are in a group setting together and not completely interacting with them it stills makes me happy. I enjoy the little things when I spend time with that special person.

I was also not surprised when physical touch fell a few points behind. Holding hands and hugging are two special things that make me feel loved and important. I am not a person that loves public displays of affection but if you simply give me a nice long hug or even hold my hand while walking, I will be happy.

If you have a few minutes, look up the 5 love languages and take a quiz to find out your love language. You may be surprised with the results you get and it may even make you think about the things you want in your life.