Meet Ben & Sydney, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple
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Meet Ben & Sydney, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple

A romance years in the making led to the most romantic July 4th wedding!

Meet Ben & Sydney, Swoon's Latest #RelationshipGoals Featured Couple

Each week, Swoon features a couple that's deserving of being true #RelationshipGoals. If you or someone you know deserves to be featured, click hereto nominate an amazing couple.


Sydney and Ben

How long they've been together:

Married for a little over 8 months, but met in 2014.

How they met:

Sydney: We originally met in 2014 at our county fair. I was the county fair queen and I had asked to pet his cow. Of course, I didn’t think to introduce myself because I was nervous and he was too. A little later during the show I passed out the ribbons for the classes that he was in.

One year later we briefly met again at the fair when he had been the person checking me into my project judging. Not too long after he started following me on social media. Then another year had passed, he had gotten ahold of me. In the year since I had seen him, he had enlisted in the Army. He was stated overseas and it was July. We had started talking every moment of the day that both of us were awake.

We officially started dating that December, but we have been together since that July. He got home in April and we spent the whole month together that he was home. He proposed Memorial Day weekend when I was visiting Kansas, where we were fishing and he got down one knee and said, "I can't catch many fish today but can I catch you?" I got back home to Ohio and planned a wedding in 30 days and got married over 4th of July weekend 2017.

What your favorite physical feature about each other?

Sydney: His eyes. They change depending on what he wears so one day they can be blue, another day hazel and another day green. They are always great to look at.

Ben: The way her eyes smile.

AND personality trait?

Sydney: He is sweet and very caring. He always takes care of me. He always laughs at all my horrible jokes too .

Ben: She always pushes back, sometimes she goes with the flow, but if she doesn’t think something is right she speaks her mind.

The most romantic thing to ever happen to them:

Sydney: Normally we are super lovey to each other on a day-to-day basis. But this past Valentine's Day we got to be in the same place. During the night I had put a bunch of Post-It notes on the bathroom mirror in the shape of a heart of some of the reasons why I love him. I had also slipped an envelope with a long letter about how much I love him and how grateful I am for him and the things he does for me. I put the envelope in his uniform so he could find it right before work that day.

When we had woke up that morning he was super sweet and sappy towards me and said he had planned out dinner. When he came home from work he surprised me with two big Reese Cup Hearts, a Starbucks Gift card (since the way to my heart is a good cup of coffee), and a super sweet card that he had written a sweet little letter in. Then we went out to get my favorite food on the face of the planet, Queso. It wasn’t anything fancy or extravagant, we were just super happy to be able to spend it together.

What do #RelationshipGoals mean to you?

Sydney: Being able to share everything together and always loving and supporting the other person no matter what they do. Also being absolute best friends for life.

Ben: Being in bed by 9:30. Also having a permanent cuddle buddy that you love more than words can describe. And having someone to always play with your hair and give you back rubs whenever you need them.

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