How to Meet Your Next Partner in 2022
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How to Meet Your Next Partner in 2022

Meeting people in general is hard but here are just

How to Meet Your Next Partner in 2022

It feels like nowadays everyone is trying to meet someone. If you’re trying to figure out where the next love of your life will come from, here’s a list of a few ways to meet your next partner in 2022.

Dating Apps

We all know the dating apps that everyone uses. From Hinge to Bumble and even Tinder, everyone is just trying to find a connection by swiping aimlessly. These dating apps are a great way to meet new people and figure out how you’ll connect with others through similar interests and ideas. You can meet someone based on what they are looking for, whether that be a relationship or something different. These apps can also allow you to meet new friends with a BFF feature on Bumble to swipe through and find your perfect friend group as a young adult.

Take a Class (Outside of Just Your College Classes)

Classes within college can be very boring, with most of us not really wanting to attend them most days. Yet, there are fun classes offered around the city such as pottery classes, cooking classes and even dancing classes. Taking these classes that are often offered all around the Des Moines area is a good way to explore new hobbies and meet new people, like that person that might be taking you out on your next coffee date.

Through Mutual Friends

Saying you “met” someone through mutual friends can often be code for “I met them on a dating app and just don’t want that judgment right now.” Having your friends set you up with someone can be a great idea, since they truly know all about you and will find someone who is able to compliment your great qualities. Our friends are the people that won’t let us down; they want to see us happy, so ask your friend if they know of anyone single that would be interested in going on a date with your magnificent self.

Join an Extracurricular around Campus

Drake University has many different extracurriculars for students to join, such as intramural sports teams, music programs, student publications and many other types of clubs. These are an excellent way to meet people your own age with similar interests to you. Plus, it gives you an excuse to possibly talk to that cute guy from your 9:30 a.m. history class.

Social Media

Meeting someone through social media is very similar to using a dating app, but it can get overwhelming with all the people you see there. When looking to meet someone new, check to make sure you have mutual friends and similar interests. You can often tell a lot from a person’s social media from what they post, follow and like. Social media is a way that I have met countless new friends, through apps such as TikTok, Instagram and even Facebook. So, go ahead and don’t be afraid of sliding into the DMs of that person who looks cute in the photo with their cat. You never know, you might end up living with that person and their adorable cat someday.

Whether this article was helpful or not, it stands to show that just putting yourself out there is the way to meet new people in 2022. It can be helpful for you to build those lifelong connections such as friendships and relationships. So, don’t be afraid to go out there and just know that one terrible first date doesn’t mean they will all be bad.

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