I asked 26 people if Baker Mayfield was hot.
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I Asked 26 People 'Do You Think Baker Mayfield Is Hot?' And Their Answers Will Sack You

"I'd let him plant his flag in my field."

I Asked 26 People 'Do You Think Baker Mayfield Is Hot?' And Their Answers Will Sack You

You either love him or hate him—and if you hate him it's probably only because he's on the opposing team.

There's no arguing whether or not the guy is good at football, he's a freaking Heisman winner. But is he hot? After a heated debate with the leaders of Odyssey communities all over the nation, it was decided that I ask Sooner nation the apparently all too debatable question... Is Baker Mayfield hot?

So... I asked, and you guys answered:

Who's your daddy? Baker is.

1. "As a flaming homosexual... I want Baker to be my straight daddy."

2. "Baker is a daddy and a half."

3. "He needs to shave his grizzly bear off his face, and then he'd be Daddy Mayfield."

4. "Mhmmmmmmmmmm..... mamma yes..... zammmm daddy."

5. "Love me some Daddy Mayfield 👅👅👅🤤🤤."

Dad bod for the W.

6. "His dad bod heals my daddy issues."

7. "The fact that you even have to ask... This man is extremely HOT. I myself like a guy with a "dad bod," and Baker has a little bit of both "dad bod" and "six-pack perfection" so he's the perfect mix. He's 6'1' (anything over 6' is perfection to me) and to top the cake, he seems to have a great personality. SEXY AF!"

Baker. Have my babies.

8. "Baker Mayfield is a beautiful specimen. I'd literally pay him for a chance to have his babies. He's so beautiful, I wouldn't even mind being a sister wife. I'd be his wide receiver any day."

9. "I want his babies in me. I'm a man."

10. "I'd let him plant his flag in my field."

The love for Baker continues.

11. "Baker owns this ass."

12. "So swoon-worthy 😩😍."

13. "Hell yes."

14. "Absolutely. He's got that weird hot, athlete, cutie tooth gap thing going. I'd hit it. BOOMER!"

15. "When I walk my children through Heisman Park in the future, I'll look at his statue and think to myself, 'I wish they would have made him naked like how God intended.'"

16. "I want him to go buy cats with me."

17. "His pecs dance above my bed I'm my sweet, sweet dreams."

18. "Baker Mayfield is hotter than super hot fire. Baker Mayfield is hotter than molten chocolate lava (cake). Baker Mayfield is hotter than the Dallas Cowboys on a two-game winning streak. Baker Mayfield is hotter than Texas in August. Baker Mayfield is hotter than Lebron James in Cleveland."

19. "So HOTT. His cockiness makes me so weak 😩."

20. "YEAH. SMOKIN HOT. The idgaf attitude and confidence makes him as steamy smokin' hot as can be! Plus, ya boy can dance!👏🏻"

What Baker would call "pretenders."


22. "Thank you, next."

23. "Absolutely the fuck not."

24. "Baker Mayfield is to hot as Donald Trump is to humble... H to the ELL nah!"

25. "No, he seems like the kind of guy who would chug a beer and burp in your face."

26. "I'd rather lick a homeless man's rotting left toe than even look in Baker Mayfield's general direction."

Reading these opinions about Baker was entertaining, to say the least, but odds are the Heisman winner/multimillionaire/freak athlete/dude with a freaking hot AF fiancé couldn't care less what you guys think:

"I've learned I can't change every opinion or have everyone's approval. If I get caught up in that I'm worried about the wrong things." - Baker Mayfield
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