Summer State Of Mind: A Playlist That Will Bring Summer To You
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Summer State Of Mind: A Playlist That Will Bring Summer To You

Summer is finally here, which means it's officially time to put the beach vibes on full blast.

Summer State Of Mind: A Playlist That Will Bring Summer To You

The new season and summery heat are finally among us. Because of everything going on in the world at the moment, we can't ring the season in like we typically would. Admittedly, this is an overwhelming and stressful situation for all and while we may not be able to safely go to the beach and have the full summer experience, you can still find a way to have a good time. Music helps me through a lot of things so what better way to welcome summer and destress than by making (and sharing) a playlist full of all the summer and beachy vibes?

"Sun Go Down" by Cody Simpson

First of all, can we just take a moment to discuss how much Cody's voice has changed over the years! This song reminds me of fun times on a beach vacation or day trip and having fun with the sunset. It's such a relaxed and carefree song and I think everyone should check it out this summer, Cody Simpson fan or not.

"Saturday Sun" by Vance Joy

Ok this song is just straight up adorable and I couldn't write this article without including it. When I listen to this one, the music makes me really happy and a clear storyline is created in my head just from the lyrics. I'm able to picture the memory of the narrator on a road trip meeting a summer fling that made a huge impact on them and both of them just having a great time in the heat of summer. I love this song a lot and it always gets stuck in my head!

"Vacation" by Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett delivered the ultimate upbeat song for summertime with this one. It's carefree, has a fun beat, and is so easy to jam to! What more could you want? Also, the beat alone makes this a great song to jam to on your summer road trip.

"The Beach" by All Time Low

You'll learn quickly that All Time Low is my favorite band so no playlist is complete without at least one song from them. This song in particular never fails to make me dance and let loose and I believe it would make a perfect addition to a summer party playlist. If you're looking for a good time and some sweet guitar and drum action, this one is for you.

"American Kids" by Kenny Chesney

Do you ever just spend a lot of time in the country over the summer? Kenny Chesney definitely delivered with the carefree country vibes with this one! If you want to get technical with the lyrics, it probably would be more of a back to school song since it mentions school buses and practice, but I'm still in defense of it making the cut as a summer song... maybe August?

"The Sound of Sunshine" by Michael Franti & Spearhead

You've definitely heard this song at least one time in your life and if you haven't then you need to drop everything and listen to it now... I'm waiting. Anyway, this song is the ultimate summer song, hands down. If there was only one song on this list to listen to it should be this one. It transports you to a summery utopia more than any other song I know of.

"Take Me To The Ocean" by The Movement

Do you want a feel-good stroll on the beach? This song will give you that. Find some time to get to the beach, crank up this tune, and spread some love and happiness. You won't be disappointed.

"Barcelona" by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite male artists and "Barcelona" is a really fun song off of his "Divide" album. I absolutely love this one! There's a simple storyline that takes you traveling and to a carefree dance party and the instrumentals have that tropical vibe.

"Toes" by Zac Brown Band

Here's one more country song for you! Sure, Country music isn't everyone's cup of tea but I personally love it and I feel like this song especially fits the summer feeling. In fact, it takes us directly to the beach and into the hot sand. They nailed the vibes with this on! Plus, it was amazing to hear live.

"Knee Deep" by Zac Brown Band

I had to include another one of their songs. This is such a simple song that helps me take a breather and take a break from everything. As soon as you turn this one on, it automatically makes you want to jump right into some water and cool off on these hot summer days waiting for us.

"Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles

Okay I just had to with this one. Not only is Harry Styles a beautiful soul and a complete icon, but this song is so much fun! The first time I listened to it, I immediately pictured a family picnic or barbecue. Although I personally don't like watermelon, I know it's a summer essential for many people so it felt even more fitting to include this song on my playlist.

"Good Time" by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

Do I even need to explain this one? Major throwback to 2012, a time of fantastic Pop music releases. This song was (and still is) everything you could ever want and captures the whole mood of summer. Turn your speaker up loud and dance to this one.

"Good Old Days" by Macklemore and Kesha

I feel like this would make a good road trip song. Personally, this is one of my new favorite songs and serves as a perfect reminder to cherish every moment you have. Listening to this took me back to my high school life and all the great times and people I had. You'll always be reminiscing and having a good time, but don't forget to enjoy everything you have and never rush your life. Each experience in summer will add onto your "Good Old Days" memories.

"Island Time" by Bumpin Uglies

This is another song I'd like to dub the "ultimate summer song". More carefree vibes here that make you want to stroll on the beach, get in the water, peruse the boardwalk, lay in a hammock, and just escape for a while.

"Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride" from the Lilo and Stitch Soundtrack

I love every song listed above, but I had to end this on a fun note! This movie is one of my favorite Disney movies and it's set in Hawaii so... yes it had to be on my summer playlist. Honestly, you could probably count the whole soundtrack here, but I have limited time and space so enjoy this one. You're welcome!

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