19 Songs For The Ultimate Summer '19 Playlist
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19 Songs For The Ultimate Summer '19 Playlist

There's so much amazing music out there, and I'm here to make finding THAT much easier! Here are 19 songs for your summer 2019 playlist!

19 Songs For The Ultimate Summer '19 Playlist

Summer is never complete without a playlist! There's so much amazing music out there, and I'm here to make finding THAT much easier! So I took the time to curate a great summer 2019 playlist! Read, listen, and enjoy!

1. "3:15" by Bazzi

Bazzi's lyrics in "3:15" are enough to make any girl fall in love with him! He sings about the struggles in a long-distance relationship and how he still wants her and that, although it's hard being apart, he still thinks about her all the time and is always wanting to be by her side.

Listen to "3:15" here.

2. "I Don't Care" by Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber

This is the musical collab I have been waiting for FOREVER and it finally happened! Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber sing about probably one of the most relatable situations of all time: being stuck at a party where you don't feel like you belong and where you maybe don't know anybody. But their sweet twist to it is that none of that matters if they're with the person they love and that they could be anywhere and just fine if they're together.

Listen to "I Don't Care" here.

3. "Sucker" by The Jonas Brothers

THE JO BROS ARE BACK!!! I don't know about you, but the 5th grader in me was revived when I heard they were getting back together, and now that "Happiness Begins" is out, I did what I couldn't do when I was a die-hard fan back in the early 2010s: I got a ticket on their world tour. If you were ever a fan, I'd encourage it (this isn't sponsored I'm just that obsessed). This was definitely the best way to start off their reunion since "Sucker" now applies to the wives of the three brothers, and that they're "suckers for them." I should stop gushing but they're just so cute!!

Listen to "Sucker" here.

4. "Paradise" by Bazzi

"Paradise" is Bazzi's latest song, and if you've already heard it on the radio, you'll know its definitely a contender for a summer 2019 anthem! His love songs are so personal, they all make you feel like he is singing them to you when you listen to them!

Listen to "Paradise" here.

5. "Sunflower" by Post Malone ft. Swae Lee

Post Malone did it again! Another amazing hit from him, and this one featured Swae Lee and was also on the "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" soundtrack! Anyone who has seen the film will agree that the soundtrack was pure fire, featuring songs from other artists like Juice Wrld, Nicki Minaj, and XXXTENTACION. This song gives me serious "windows down, driving down the coast with a warm breeze blowing through my hair" vibes!

Listen to "Sunflower" here.

6. "Loving Is Easy" by Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County is one of the many musical "hidden gems" that I'm currently obsessed with! Aside from his amazing vocal skills, the lyrics in each song seem to be carefully curated and thought through, and each song represents its own mood and vibe, and there's one for whatever you're feeling at the moment!

Listen to "Loving Is Easy" here.

7. "Smile Too" by Joey Burbs

This song needs to be on the Billboard Top 100 now. Like RIGHT NOW. Joey Burbs makes me not want to stop smiling when I listen to this song. He sings to you everything you wanna hear. Go and give it a listen, and Joey, give me a call, won't ya?

Listen to "Smile Too" here.

8. "Phases" by PRETTYMUCH

If you know me, you will have heard me rave and rant about PRETTYMUCH and how they're essentially the next big boyband. But instead of going off on a tangent about them and all their songs, I'll just stick to "Phases." They sing about being around and there for you in your dark times and in the good and sticking with you through your different phases in life, even though things might get rough.

Listen to "Phases" here.

9. "C'est la vie" by Maurice Moore

The melody and key of this song just screams summer to me. Maurice Moore just sings about the everyday things that happen to us, and how some of them are good, and some of them are bad, but hey, that's just life. We can't control everything that happens in our lives, but we just have to look on the bright side and appreciate the things that we do have instead of the things we don't.

Listen to "C'est la vie" here.

10. "Who Do You Love" by The Chainsmokers ft. 5SOS

When I heard about this musical collab for their big U.S. tour later this year, I was SO excited and lemme tell you, it did not disappoint! But as much as I love this song, I'm actually gonna rag on it a 'lil bit. So I'm super into music videos, but this ain't it, sis. You'll see Drew, Alex and Michael battle the members of 5SOS while they all consistently manage to look like they're frustrated, but also confused like they're not sure what they're mad about.

Listen (and watch the video) to "Who Do You Love" here.

11. "Wow." by Post Malone

Another banger from Post Malone, about gaining fame and having clout and an impressive lifestyle. He really got 'em sayin' "wow"! It definitely suits the tastes of anyone who likes rap and hip hop music over pop!

Listen to "Wow." here.

12. "Burnin' Up" by The Jonas Brothers

Yeah, we do have the new Jonas Brothers songs, but we all still hold a candle for the old hits. One of their best is "Burnin' Up," and just hearing the intro is enough to send the middle-schooler in every American female into a frenzy! It's time to throw it back to the good old days!

Listen to "Burnin' Up" here.

13. "Contact" by Lulleaux

So I love to learn the lyrics to every song on my playlist so that I can properly jam out in my car, but this one presented a challenge! But once I got it, singing the chorus was so rewarding! Lulleaux sings about the feeling you get throughout your entire body when you're near the person you love. It fills your mind, body, and heart until it's the only thing you can think of.

Listen to "Contact" here.

14. "All My Friends" by The Summer Set

The Summer Set really did that! In "All My Friends," they sing about fun, crazy and reckless romance, that unfortunately, their friends don't approve of. In this situation, they don't seem to care, because they love the crazy and reckless times that they have with you. It definitely makes you wonder what something that wild and fun feels like! Maybe enough for you to give it a try?

Listen to "All My Friends" here.

15. "Too Pretty" by Emblem3

In "Too Pretty," Emblem3 sings about a girl who's just too hot for her own good! She's turning heads wherever she goes and has a fancy lifestyle where she can get anything she wants without even asking! I wish! Livin' life like that must be nice!

Listen to "Too Pretty" here.

16. "LA Models" by Hudson Thames

So not to diss my LA girls, but I feel like this song perfectly captures the life and attitudes of LA models. Like Hudson sings, "these LA Models gonna steal my soul". Making a killing when they work, but never paying for a thing. Again, what's it like to live like this?? MUST. BE. NICE. (Yeah, you could say I'm salty about it).

Listen to "LA Models" here.

17. "EARFQUAKE" by Tyler, The Creator

"EARFQUAKE" is the biggest hit on Tyler's new album, "IGOR." The album was long-awaited by fans, and as a fan myself, it was totally worth the wait! The album came with instructions Tyler wrote about how to listen to the album, which was essentially to listen to it all the way through, in order, without any interruptions. Just relax and enjoy the music!

Listen to "EARFQUAKE" here.

18. "Beautiful" by Bazzi

So if you can't tell yet, Bazzi is currently my favorite artist! But once you listen to all of his songs for yourself, you'll understand why!! His amazing vocals just make me MELT. "Beautiful" is one of my favorites though, because he sings about a girl he loves who is realistic, who has flaws and imperfections, but that it's what he loves about her. How everything she does mesmerizes him.

Listen to "Beautiful" here.

19. "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

You didn't think I'd forget the biggest hit of 2019, did you? We now have three versions of this song: the original, the one with Billy Ray, and the one that also features Diplo. It's fun, it's funky, and it's vibe perfectly captures the essence of the year 2019!

Listen to "Old Town Road" here.

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