100 Songs For Your Summer Playlist
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100 Songs For Your Summer Playlist

Here's songs for you to jam to this summer...

100 Songs For Your Summer Playlist
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As summer approaches, it’s time to come up with that summer playlist to listen to while driving, with friends, or for any other situation. Everyone has a summer playlist, so here’s 100 songs across different genres that you definitely should have!

1.It Ain’t Me By: Kygo & Selena Gomez

2.Stole The Show By: Kygo & Parson James

3.Dibs By: Kelsea Ballerini

4.Solo Dance By Martin Jensen

5.Smoke By: Florida Georgia Line

6.Good Company By: Jake Owen

7.Galway Girl By: Ed Sheeran

8.Body Like A Back Road By: Sam Hunt

9.HUMBLE By: Kendrick Lamar

10.The One By: The Chainsmokers

11.Something Just Like This By: The Chainsmokers

12.That’s What I Like By: Bruno Mars

13.Everyday By: Ariana Grande

14.American Kids By: Kenny Chesney

15.Hell Raisin’ Heat Of The Summer By: Florida Georgia Line

16.Redneck Yacht Club By: Craig Morgan

17.Hey Y’all By: Cole Swindell

18.Fix By: Chase Rice

19.Umbrella By: Rihanna

20.Anything Goes By: Florida Georgia Line

21.Head Over Boots By: Jon Pardi

22.When The Sun Goes Down By: Kenny Chesney

23.Rain Is A Good Thing By: Luke Bryan

24.Selfish By: Future & Rihanna

25.Nancy Mulligan By: Ed Sheeran

26.Call On Me ( Ryan Riback Remix) By: Starley & Ryan Riback

27.Stella By: Cereus Bright

28.Wishing Girl By: Lola Marsh

29.Never Come Back Again By: Austin Plaine

30.This Town By: Niall Horan

31.The Woods By: Hollow Coves

32.Mr. Big Shot By: Anarbor

33.I Lived By: One Republic

34.Bad Things By: Machine Gun Kelly

35.All Night By: The Vamps

36.Homegrown By: Zac Brown Band

37.Anaconda By: Nicki Minaj

38.Temporary Fix By: One Direction

39.No Role Modelz By: J. Cole

40.These Days By: Mike Stud

41.Jordan Belfort By: Wes Walker & Dyl

42.Knock Kock By: Mac Miller

43.Broccoli By: D.R.A.M, Lil Yachty

44.679 By: Fetty Wap & Remy Boyz

45.Party In The USA By: Miley Cyrus

46.Classic By: MKTO

47.One Dance By: Drake

48.Knee Deep By: Zac Brown Band & Jimmy Buffet

49.This Feeling By: Mike Stud

50.Spaces By: One Direction

51.Sorry For Partyin’ By: Thomas Rhett

52.Sugar By: Robin Schulz & Francesco Yates

53.Downtown By: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

54.Pick Any Small Town By: Josh Gallagher

55.Sweet Home Alabama By: Lynyrd Skynyrd

56.It Wasn’t Me By: Shaggy & Ricardo Ducent

57.Hollaback Girl By: Gwen Stefani

58.Fine By Me By: Andy Grammar

59.Hair By: Little Mix

60.Ignition By: R. Kelly

61.Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck By: Kip Moore

62.Sing to You By: John Splithoff

63.Don’t Let Me Down By: The Chainsmokers

64.Dani California By: Red Hot Chili Peppers

65.Hips Don’t Lie By Shakira & Wyclef Jean

66.Mr. Brightside By: The Killers

67.Sugar, We’re Goin Down By: Fall Out Boy

68.iSpy By: Kyle

69.Passionfruit By: Drake

70.Shape of You By: Ed Sheeran

71.DNA By: Kendrick Lamar

72.Stay By: Zedd

73.Issues By: Julia Michaels

74.Bounce Back By: Big Sean

75.Fake Love By: Drake

76.Paris By: The Chainsmokers

77.There’s Nothing Holdin Me Back By: Shawn Mendes

78.Don’t Leave By: Snakeships & MO

79.F.F.F. By: Bebe Rexha

80.Wasted Youth By: Michael Bryan (Remix)

81.Portland By: Drake

82.Sign of the Times By: Harry Styles

83.Nights With You By: MO

84.It’s Time By: Imagine Dragons

85.September Song By: JP Cooper

86.Lights Down Low By: MAX

87.So Tied Up By: Cold War Kids & Bishop Briggs

88.Lights On By: Shawn Mendes

89.Like I Would By ZAYN

90.Daddy Lessons By: Beyonce

91.Now Or Never By: Halsey

92.So Good By Zara Larsson, Ty Dolla $ign

93.What The Hell By: Avril Lavigne

94.Side To Side By: Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

95.Gold By: Kiiara

96.Weak By: AJR

97.The Mack By: Nevada, Mark Morrison, & Fetty Wap

98.Sooner or Later By: Aaron Carter

99.Down By: Marian Hill

100.Jump By: Lupe Fiasco & Gizzle

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