I'm a very timid person when it comes to manipulation. I easily fall into someone's charm when they act as they care about me. I ignore all the emotional abuse, manipulation, and I end up losing myself in the process.

I have spent most of my life letting people run all over me: my mother, leaders of the cult, past boyfriends, and authority figures in my life. I thought I was past all of that until I got to college. I ended up in a situation where I let people run my life, once again, and I spent two years under control and not saying anything.

If I was needed, I dropped everything. When I wanted to go home and see my family, I was told no and that I was needed. I never felt appreciated, and constantly told what a terrible job I was doing. Covering the manipulation was the sense that I was cared for. That this person truly cared for my future and well-being, so of course I fell into it. I can't begin to explain how hurt I was when I finally stood up for myself, thinking that I'd get approval, good wishes, or gratitude for all the work I've done.

However, I did not get any of that. I was tossed out the door like I didn't mean anything. I put in my two weeks because I was offered an opportunity to move up. I wasn't abandoning anything. I learned everything I needed to learn and if I want to succeed, there will obviously come a time to leave the place I started.

It's been almost two weeks and I'm not hurt or sad. I want my two years back. I'm glad that she revealed herself to be a terrible person instead of giving me the goodbye I wanted. It's easier to move on and rise knowing that my talents weren't appreciated where I was.

I'm grateful for the work I did, not who I worked for. I'm so glad that I was able to gain that experience and I know that there are companies that do want my talents and will appreciate what I'm doing.