Here's Why Snap Streaks Matter In Relationships
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Do Snapchat Streaks Lead To Love? Millennial Couples Seem To Think So

They say that social media has taken over our lives. But I mean, snap streaks are super important, they'd never understand.

do snapstreaks matter relationships

So, what exactly is a "Snap streak?"

No worries, I got you covered.

A Snap streak is when you send direct snaps back and forth with a friend for several consecutive days. The longer you go without breaking the chain of communication the longer your snap streak is.

When you reach 100 days without breaking that chain you get hit with the "100" emoji and I mean, that's a pretty big deal. Seriously, it's almost as important as studying for your chem exam if I do say so myself.

So, of course, one of the most important questions you get when meeting someone is "Do you have Snap?" And odds are you do, so basically you're stuck Snapchatting this person as long as you can before you're calling them your best friend on snap or your S.O (if you're lucky).

Yes, I mean it. When you're in a relationship one of the most important things you have to do is keep the streak.

You're talking to someone who goes through it. So, yeah, trust me.

My boyfriend and I have been snapping nonstop since we were seniors in high school, which was when the "Snap streak" was first born. Now, three years later, we still have that same exact streaking and breaking it, well, that could cause a serious fight.

I mean it, it might lead to a breakup. If you're wondering, to this day our snap streak is 1003. Yes, I literally said, one THOUSAND and three.

Now you might be mocking me, or if you're just like my boo and I you are impressed by us. I MEAN JESUS WE HAVE BEEN SNAPPING NONSTOP FOR 1003 DAYS. That is longer than we have been dating.

Can I get a round of applause, please?

I was curious if any other couple took their Snap streak as serious as we did and I was seriously shocked by the results.

So, the first question I asked was:

Do you have a Snap streak with you S.O.?

I asked this with a simple yes or no question. So, a shocking 61% said that they did while the rest of the 39% said no.

I asked a few people to DM me about their snap streaks.

A male responded back to my story saying "[I] haven't talked to my ex in 3 months and we're still rocking a 340 day streak."

I'm telling you people, the Snap streak is that important.

While another person said, "[We] lost it at 430 something. We never tried it again, devastating loss."

The next questions I asked was:

How important is that said snap streak in your relationship?

I was also shocked to find out that the snap streak really wasn't that important to my followers. 60% of them said that they didn't really care about it, while the rest of the 40% said that it was very important.

After talking to a girl who has been in a relationship for three years I learned that the streak is really the least of their worries.

She showed me that her boyfriend's streak was only at 25. She said that she was pissed the first time that he broke it because it was all his fault (the streak was at 382). She explained that they "got another one and then I broke it and he was pissed and then we just stopped. He's also not my best friend on Snapchat either and neither of us cares about it.

Listen y'all. I was literally SHOOK.

My boyfriend has been my #1 best friend for THREE YEARS. Honestly, I never thought of anyone else taking his place LOL. I feel like he would literally KILL me if someone took his place.

She then went on to explain to me that they, "don't Snap a lot because we are always talking like whether it's texting or sending each other memes on Instagram or Twitter. We just don't snap."

Another girl told me that after she broke hers with her boyfriend she was relieved. She said "My boyfriend and I had a Snap streak for a VERY LONG time. We had it since before we started going out and it was a big part of the 'talking' stage for us before we became official. When the update came, we lost the streak and at first, we were so upset. But honestly, it became such a relief because we didn't have to worry about it anymore. Even though we saw each other so often anyway, it was nice knowing a part of our lives didn't rely solely upon a screen."

It makes total sense, but it's shocking to me that to some people just really don't care that much.

I then went to ask if anyone of my follows have beaten me and my boyfriend's streak, just in case you care, that answer was NO. *hair flip*

Then next question I asked was:

Is your Snap streak higher or lower than 100?

52% said lower and 48% said higher.

With this question I got a few DMs, I thought those were super interesting too. Some girl told me that after 100 days of snap chatting a boy, she realized she had a crush on him. So, I mean streaks do create relationships too *wink wink*.

Here's what she said, "[We are] almost to 365! We've been dating about 10 months, but have known each other for two years. Lat summer, him and my BFF jumped back and forth for the #1 and the red heart. Now him and I have the double pink heart and I'm very careful to spam him if I think we're gonna lose it."

Here is where it gets juicy ladies and gents, "By the time the streak showed up last summer, I FINALLY realized my crush on him. He's on vacation right now and gave me his password JUST IN CASE the hourglass emoji shows up, but I think if it wasn't for being for almost at 365 it wouldn't be a big deal while he's gone. After we reach that mark I wouldn't be surprised if we were less serious about it. I have more streaks than him so he's MUCH more emotionally attached to ours than I am."

We there you have it, the streak matters people.

NOTE: If you and your S.O. has beaten my boyfriend and I's streak please let me know ASAP. We'd like you to challenge you to a little friendly competition. I mean it, it's friendly.

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