While scrolling through my Twitter feed, I started to notice a trend of girls posting pictures of their relationship. Everyone would comment "Ugh, this is #relationshipgoals" on pictures of guys bringing girls socks from Target or commenting heart eyes on all their Instagram photos.

We live in a strange world, where we happily blast our whole lives on the internet for everyone to see (and hopefully admire). This got me thinking... what is the relationship modern women are searching for nowadays?

In a world of Peter Kavinskys and Noah Calhouns, what are we so drawn to about their movie romances that we actually want in our own lives? Are we all really so caught up in the glitz-glam of an Instagram style relationship or are we seeking something much more simple since our world is constantly complex?

I asked 15 girls what they're truly looking for in a relationship... and you can decide the answer for yourself.

1. "Someone who can handle being second best to my dog" - 22

2. "As long as he has a long sleeved shirt for me to wear and a nice arm to lie in, I am good. A love for Jesus is also welcomed." - 20

3. "I'm tired of guys trying to be too cute, honestly. I want someone who can take a joke. I want to make fun of him and I want him to make fun of me, you know?" - 21

4. "I want a guy who isn't afraid to be real. Nobody wants to date a chameleon only to find out who they were all along." - 21 

5. "Someone who is family-oriented, loves Jesus and is somewhat emotionally intelligent." - 22

6. "I'm looking for a guy to be honest, even when the truth hurts. I don't want someone to beat around the bush to spare my feelings. I want someone who is open to communication and will be there for me." - 20

7. "Lots of hugs." - 23

8. "I want someone who isn't going to play it safe and willing to try new things. Let's jump out of our comfort zone and make lasting memories!" - 21

9. "Someone who is willing to duet with me in any and all genres of music." - 20

10. "Someone who is going to inspire and help me be a better person!" - 20

11. "I want a guy with the body of Gene Kelly in Singing In The Rain" - 18

12. "I've never felt like I've been missing anything from not being a relationship since I love being just friends with people. I need to have fun with the person but also feel like I'm getting something out of it. Also, he should buy me a corndog at Sonic." - 19

13. "I'm sorry, I know I sound crazy, but I want it all. I want the flowers. I want him to open my door. I want to share each others location and FaceTime until we fall asleep. I just think stuff like that is so important." - 18

14. "I don't think relationships need to be as complicated as we make them. All you need is common ground, trust in each other, and a whole lot of love. I just want someone who is going to be there for me during the good and the bad. Someone who makes me feel comfortable and safe." - 21

15. "I want the kind of mans that is down to spoon feed me mashed potatoes after my wisdom teeth surgery." - 22