Why You Should Stay Single For The Summer

I Stayed Single This Summer, And I'm Happy AF I Did

While everyone else is having boyfriend problems, my biggest problem is choosing a nail color at the salon.


I've suffered from quite the broken heart for a while and I didn't think I was ever going to get over him. Every second I spent thinking about him drove me deeper into sadness I didn't think I would ever overcome. It hit me when I realized he didn't see me or value me the way I saw and valued him. Blocking him never felt so bittersweet. You really can't be just friends with someone you caught hella feelings for. Maybe for some of you it works, but it's too toxic for me.

The weight of all that anger and sadness left, and it was one of the best feelings ever. Granted, it took time and it still does, but I'm getting over him, and I get better every single day.

Did I sit and wish I had someone by my side to do cute summer things with? Absolutely. Did I have the chance for that and ruin it? Yup. But I'm so glad it was ruined because I'm so much better off doing me. I still see little things that make me think of him and I always will. I see a girl with a guy just like him doing the same things I wish I could have done with him and that totally sucks, but every day, thoughts like that get less and less.

I'm thinking of myself, and how far I've come, and can't believe that I'm as happy as I am this summer.

I've hung out with my best friends and soaked up the healing and happy rays of the sun at least once a week. I refuse to see any guys now because I need this time to do me. I didn't want to be single, but now that I've been given the choice to find a guy or do me, the choice is going to be me.

It's weird because once you start focusing on yourself, guys suddenly want to slide into your DMs and try and stray you from the path of self-love and singledom.

Yes, this has been the summer of bikini pics on my end, and no, I'm not thirsty for likes like half of you salty, rude, slut-shaming people think I am. I can actually post a bikini pic because I want to and because I'm SINGLE. Of course, if I was with a guy, he'd have to put up or shut up when it comes to Instagram but that's a whole other article.

The summer of single me has been amazing so far. I've traveled to the West Coast and seen amazing things I never imagined. I've turned down guys without a second thought because I don't have time for anyone who wants to play games and disrespect me. I'm empowered to be who I want and do what I want, and I could never have reached this point if I started talking to someone again.

I don't know when I'll be ready to put myself back out there. As of now, I'm enjoying the journey God has planned. While other people are in shitty relationships because they're afraid to be alone, I'm being alone and loving every second of it.

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Why You Should Stop Chasing Him

You deserve better.

They say “the thrill of the chase" makes someone more enticing. There's just something about wanting something you can't have that drives you crazy (in a good way). There is never a dull moment. Pursuing him is a challenge. Nothing comes easily. What's the fun in that anyway?

I'm going to tell you this: stop chasing him. Stop forgiving him when he forgets to answer your text messages and phone calls. Stop being the one to always make plans. Stop letting him bail on you. Stop waiting around for him. Stop being lied to. Stop making excuses when he doesn't make time for you. There is a difference between someone who is “hard to get" and a flat out jerk who doesn't give you the time of day. Stop letting him use you.

You deserve to be with someone who makes you fall asleep every night in the middle of texting him because neither of you want the conversation to end. You deserve someone who plans dates for the two of you. You deserve someone who asks you to hang out before midnight. You deserve someone who wants to spend time with you just as much as you do with them. You deserve someone who insists on paying for your ice cream. You deserve someone who won't deceive you. You deserve someone who is straightforward. You deserve attention. You deserve affection. You deserve a partnership that is mutual, not one-sided. You deserve to be chased.

You are better than 3 a.m. “Hey" texts. You are better than a night spent watching a movie just to fool around. You are better than trying to decode his vague messages. You are better than his shadiness. You are better than mind games. You are better than being ignored.

If you have to chase him, he's not worth it. Don't settle for someone who makes you beg for his attention. If he is genuinely interested in getting to know you, he will put in the effort. A relationship where your feelings are reciprocated is far more rewarding than one where you constantly feel like you have to drag him along.

Change your mentality. Become more independent. Be confident, be bold. Find happiness in being alone. Don't waste your time pathetically chasing after someone who doesn't feel the same, but doesn't have the heart or the courage to tell you so. Your self-confidence and positivity will make you radiant, and eventually, you will attract the kind of guy who is mature enough to not mess with your head.

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13 Items You Need To Make Summer 2019 The Best Season Yet

With summer right around the corner, make sure to have these things in mind when packing up your beach or pool bag, or as you head off to work.


A lot of these are self-explanatory, but the other ones are just some tips and little items you might want to keep in mind this summer. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of things that you could possibly be buying if you don't have them already! Summer is coming. This is how I am going to be filling my bag to make the best of my days.

1. Sunscreen

I don't care what brand. I don't care how much it is. You absolutely need sunscreen — I type this as I have never worn sunscreen a day in my life. But, you do need a little SPF on your face! Protect your beautiful skin this summer. And, I know I am going to start.

2. Chapstick

This is a must-have for every season. Your lips can burn too! Keep that Chapstick in your pocket. Here's a pro-tip: if it melts, throw it in the freezer for 10 minutes. It will be good as new!

3. Bigger purse

Ladies, I know it is super cute to get those tiny bags that carry your debit card and maybe a chapstick. But, let's think this through, okay? You really need some room for extra shoes or even another t-shirt — it's better to be overprepared. When you have more room, you are tempted to fill it! I mean, it is always a good idea to invest in a good bag, anyway.

4. Shorts

Shorts are 100% the move for summer, like, duh. There are so many different styles to choose from, but denim literally goes with anything.

5. Sunglasses

Everyone has a different face shape, so there is no way for me to tell you what the perfect shape is for you. But, I really recommend taking some time out of your day to see what is the best fit for you. Square, rounded, cat eye, reflective — you really have a ton of options!

6. Two-piece set

This is really a staple for this summer. It's insanely easy to dress down or dress up a set! They are also really comfy. AND, you will still get that little bit of sun while looking cute.

7. Platform sandals

These are really versatile. Wear them to the beach, to work, or even the grocery store. They are super cute and really can bring any outfit together. Also, a pro tip: if you can't afford these Steve Madden ones, I know Target has some for cheaper!

8. Cropped hoodie

These are perfect for those nights when it's a little summer chilly and you need to cover up. It's also really good to have in your car or purse when you aren't sure when your day is going to be over and you might need to add some layers.

9. Scrunchies

Scrunchies have been making a complete come back! They are so much better than hair ties and don't pull your hair out. Like, c'mon, they are such a cute accessory — they make your wrist and your hair look extra cute. I love scrunchies.

10.  Tube top

Tube tops are so easy to pull over your bikini top. They are super cute for summer and don't leave tan lines on your shoulders, the only two things you would ever need in a shirt!

11.  Water 

Repeat after me: hydrate or DIE-drate. H2O is insanely important but insanely overlooked. Drink water and don't forget it!

12.  Anything yellow

Yellow equals summer! I love it. The sun comes out and so does all of the yellow clothing. Plus, it makes you look more tan, like, who wouldn't want that?

13.  Aloe

Aloe is the best thing for your skin after a long day in the sun, but it's also good for your skin no matter what. It helps clear up acne and keeps your skin glowing. It's a summer MUST-have.

I hope you got something out of the list to help you this summer. You definitely want to keep all of these essentials in mind when going out even if it is just one day — you are better over-prepared than under and I truly believe that.

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