Being single in the summer may mean you have more time on your hands than expected. Some may get discouraged and lonely, but instead wallowing down that dark road, take this opportunity to incorporate some "you" time! Stay in, kick your feet up, and enjoy a pint of ice cream while watching these 10 rom-coms on Netflix.

1. "The Princess Diaries"

Enjoy a teen throw back with Anne Hathaway in "The Princess Diaries." Don't we all wish we'd wake up one day and discover that we're actually a princess?

2. "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"

Kate Hudson plays the sassy, yet charming, Andy Anderson in this rom com. As a journalist she covers the "How To" column of her magazine, in an attempt to discover how much it takes to drive away a man in a relationship.

3. "Set It Up"


If you're a fan of Netflix originals, then you'll love this one about two interns who team up to get their bosses to fall in love.

4. "Ibiza"

Three 30-somethings head to Spain on a business trip, and one of the girls falls for a D.J. they encounter.

5. "Definitely, Maybe"

Heart-throb Ryan Reynolds plays a father in the process of a divorce, when his only daughter asks him how he met her mother.

6. "Sleeping With Other People"

A young woman and man make an attempt at a platonic relationship, 12 years after a one night stand together, despite their physical attractions to each other.

7. "Bridget Jones's Baby"

Are you already a "Bridget Jones" fan? After recently becoming 40 and single again, Bridget begins to date again, but then becomes pregnant and must figure out who the father is.

8. "Midnight in Paris"

As an aspiring novelist, played by Owen Wilson, strays from his girlfriend's company and sets off to tour the city of Paris. Then, he has a strange encounter with art and literary icons of the past.

9. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

After being dumped by his long-term girlfriend, a struggling musician attempts to get over her by going to Hawaii.

10. "13 Going on 30"

Jennifer Gardener is transported from her 13 year old self, Jenna, to her thirty year old self. She learns to be careful what you wish for because adulthood isn't all it's cracked up to be.