We all come home as summer rolls around. Come back with new plans and ideas to make it the best summer we have ever had. Once we arrive we begin to see that things have changed. Places, people, routines, and us. We have changed in so many ways, we had new experiences through our school year, learning to live and love the college lifestyle while trying to hold on to what we have left back in our hometowns.

Everything seems weird, the people and the places you enjoyed going with them to. We came back ready to dive into all the endless places for summer fun and realize that plans change. We find ourselves confused about what really changed and it's us. We have grown so much and new things and people interests us. But don't you fret! Do not sulk in this summer sadness as the brilliant Lana Del Rey would say. Let's face it: the truth hurts, but we have the opportunity to make this the best summer in our lives. Sounds cliche? Oh well, it's true so let's find that light and shine through this hot summer!

It's okay if your old friends are not interested in the things you are into. That just means you're going to have to fly solo for a bit! Look up to the older role models in your life. Chit chat with them see what ideas they have for you. No one said you couldn't do this on your own.

So, be Miss or Mr. Independent this summer. Take yourself to the beach and soak up some rays. I bet you will find someone at the beach doing just the same as you. Be that social butterfly and spark up a conversation! That's how you meet people, right? You speak to them, learn about their passions and listen to their funny stories from the past. There is always something or someone to learn about. Open up that heart of yours and allow all the love and light to flow through this summer.

We all feel a little lost in the summer, but sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves. Remember once you start doing the thing you enjoy everything else will fall into place. You will begin to meet people who share the same love for the things you do. You just have to take yourself there. So go catch that summer sun and never let go of it!