10 Signs You Are A Roswell Hornet
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10 Signs You Are A Roswell Hornet

If you go or went to Roswell High School, there's no doubt that you know these things to be true!

10 Signs You Are A Roswell Hornet
Jackson Snellman

1) There is never a shortage of keys and newspapers at pep rallies.

Jingle your keys at the freshman and hold those newspapers up at the juniors! Pep rallies senior year are all the more fun when it's finally your time to carry on these traditions.

2) The Morning Buzz

Everyone looks forward to tuning in to the announcements on a Friday morning because not only does it mean 1st period is shortened, but it also means that it's time to watch some seriously hilarious video segments and start your day off with a good laugh.

3) Homecoming week means decorated halls

E hall is for freshmen, F hall for sophomores, G hall for juniors, and of course, H hall for seniors. It's time to get into the homecoming spirit when all the halls are covered from ground to ceiling with festive homecoming themed decorations!

4) Who needs soap and toilet paper, anyways?

The majority of the school bathrooms are disgusting and soapless. Unless you head to the bathroom at the top of E hall, you better have some hand sanitizer at your disposal. Never use the middle stall, because chances are it hasn't been flushed. Best part: there's always some juicy gossip to read on the walls! Remember, if you need to know which guys to avoid, head to the first stall in D hall and you'll have a nice long list.

5) Burnett or Granville?

Quite possibly the two most loved and talked about teachers in the school. Let's be honest here, you're either a Granville or Burnett person. If you took biology, chemistry, or physics of any kind, chances are you had one these two teachers. After 30 years, you'd think they'd be tired, but I guess when you love your job and students, you don't work a day in your life, eh? I know I'll always be grateful for the 2 years I spent in Mr. Burnett's classroom, taking notes from the overhead projector, doing the weekly Friday labs, and listening to all the funny things he would say.

6) Muck Filton, am I right?

Each football game brings about a whole lot of hornet pride, however there is no comparison when it comes to the school spirit that even the middle schoolers and parents possess when it's time to face our greatest rival: Milton High School. All wins are important, but beating Milton brings a little bit more satisfaction and joy than any other. Okay, a lot more satisfaction and joy.

7) Flour isn't just for baking

After a frantic rush to get your hands on some flour and get in position to toss it up, it can finally feel like a Friday night. It's not a kickoff in the Ray Manus Stadium if you're not covered from head to toe in flour, and there's nothing like going around giving hugs to and hand printing people square on the back who didn't get to be a part of the big white flour cloud!

8) On Fridays, seniors wear camo

You know you're a senior when the first Friday rolls around and for the first time, after watching seniors parade the halls for three years prior, you finally get to walk the halls decked out in as much camo as you can get your hands on. No one is officially an RHS senior until that Friday.

9) 1st and 10 Hornets!

Perhaps the most famous four words ever spoken at a Roswell football game. It's time to get excited when you hear "1st and 10 Hornets!" across the stadium from our beloved announcer of 18 years, David Burnett. There is no one who is more dedicated and passionate than he when it comes to Hornet football; it's not a home game without Mr. Burnett's voice radiating around.

10) Once a Roswell Hornet, always a Roswell Hornet

Going to RHS means getting a quality education, having immense school pride, meeting the best people in Roswell, forming friendships to last a lifetime, building personal relationships with teachers, and coming back to visit even after you've gradutated. It means having a place to always call home no matter where life takes you and always being thankful to have spent four years of your life at the best high school ever.

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