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5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Better Than Meeting At The Club Or At A Coffee Shop

Are you nearing age 40 and looking for something serious, ASAP, before all of your eggs die? Put it in the bio.


Pretty soon, there'll be a whole generation of people whose parents met online. The thought horrifies some, who cling to the nostalgic days of cruising the town looking for dates, who extol the glory of "meet-cutes," and desperately want to be able to tell their grandkids that they met their grandfather while running to catch the bus (which, honestly, for us RU students isn't so implausible).

For others, however, they embrace the ease, simplicity, and comfort of online dating — especially those that are much too shy to actually approach someone in person. Here are some reasons why online dating beats traditional methods.

1. There's a lot of fish in the sea... probably too many

He reeled in a big one


Going to the club to find an FWB (or soul mate, whichever fits your needs at the time) is all well and good, but you're likely only to be exposed to about 75-200 people at once. On the other hand, a simple click of your finger affords you access to hundreds of thousands men, women, and others instantly. Instead of desperately hoping that you'll stumble upon a burly, bearded barista with six tattoos somewhere in the world, you can just scroll until you find him.

2. It saves you from a lot of awkward situations

Poor thing doesn't know how "black guy hugs" work :/


Remember when The Bachelorette finally had their first Black woman as the star of the show, all for them to find out that one of her suitors was a racist? Yeah, that was probably pretty awkward. But now, with the help of technology, you'll never have to worry about getting got when a lot of people's personal info is online (not to mention that many dating sites allow you to narrow down the type of people you are exposed to). Imagine being a PETA activist and after meeting someone at a coffee shop, you realize they sell furs for a living.... Yeah, yikes. That all could've been avoided if you just would've read their bio.

3. You can express what you want honestly

I'm not sure about her, but I'll take Ryan Gosling with a side of rice and steamed broccoli


You're less likely to look like a douche when you put "only looking for hookups" as your headline on a dating site, rather than waiting to break the news to your lass or lad after the first date. Are you nearing age 40 and looking for something serious, ASAP, before all of your eggs die? Put it in the bio. Are you a traveling trapeze artist and looking for someone who can do a long-distance relationship? Put it in the bio. Trust me, the online world is a lot more open and free from judgment than the real world. If a girl can post a viral video of her eating her tampon (I haven't forgotten about you, Giovanna), you shouldn't be scared to admit that you're hell-bent on getting engaged within the year.

4. You don't have to be outgoing


Coming up with a great pickup line is irrelevant if you don't put it to use. For some of us, the thought of approaching the cute person in front of us in line is a lot more daunting than sending them a virtual gift or "sliding in their DMs." Online dating is a great alternative for those who suffer from social anxiety, low self-esteem, or just genuine dislike for using their mouths.

5. There's no pressure

Big mood...


At the end of the day, online dating always stays online unless you choose otherwise. Don't think someone is attractive or interesting? Don't answer their message. Think someone's creepy? Block them. Unlike in the real world, where you'll have to come up with a nice, yet plausible, reason for rejecting someone who approaches you, you can literally just delete someone on the world wide web. It's a great thing, really.

Of course, with online dating comes quite a few cons as well, like the possibility of getting catfished (because it is way too easy nowadays to steal other people's photos), or the gross lack of privacy that comes with an online profile. Online dating is much more convenient, but traditional dating has its own unique value. There's really nothing more special than locking eyes with someone across the room and just knowing that they're the one for you.

Ah, if only that happened more often.

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6 Important Must Knows For Dating Sassy And Sarcastic Girls

Brace yourselves boys, she's a tough one.

Dating a girl with a big personality can be tricky. They are some of the most amazing girls but to keep them, one needs to understand them. Here are six important things you must be aware of before you give your heart to a sassy and sarcastic girl.

1. Stubborn

She is going to be the most stubborn creature you will ever meet. I say "creature" because she might actually scare you with how much she refuses to back down until you have full proof she is wrong. And if you can’t prove her wrong, just suck up your pride and let her be right or she’ll never quit. But just remember that she’s simply passionate about whatever it is and you should be proud of her for that.

2. Bluntness

She is going to be blunt. So be prepared to hear the truth. She isn’t going to care how mad you get, if you’re being rude, she won’t be afraid to put you in your place. If your choice of clothing isn’t matching, she’ll tell you. Whatever it is, she isn’t going to keep the truth from you. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes she’s just a little too straightforward.

3. Sensitivity

Be careful sometimes with your choice of words. Though she is blunt, she is also sensitive. Her sarcastic personality is sometimes just a defense mechanism because she fears opening up. She worries a lot and continues to ponder the things you say. Remind her she is loved.

4. Friends

She is going to have a lot more guy friends than she will have girl friends. Why? Because guys tend to find more humor in her sarcasm and don’t take it so personal, whereas other girls take it as she’s being serious and just rude. However, don’t be jealous because trust me, you’re 100 percent hers and those guy friends are just that — friends.

5. Insults

She’s not going to flirt with you by giggling and blushing and calling you cute. She’s going to call you an idiot and smack you across the shoulder or back because to her, that’s easier than being all giddy and speechless over how much she likes you. And even when she’s calling you names, which really is in all fun and games, she doesn’t mean it seriously, she’s actually just saying “I love you” in her own special language.

6. Shorty

If she’s short in addition to being sassy and sarcastic, you’re in for a big treat with her. She is not only going to be full of fast wit, but she is going to have so much spunk in her you won’t know what to do. She will be so feisty that she won’t be afraid of anything or anyone and you yourself won’t even know how to handle her. That’s what makes her special.

It takes a certain type of person to be able to give their heart to someone who can so easily break it with their strong headed personality. But a sarcastic and sassy girl is going to be the one girl who is going to love you with all that she has. Treat her right, and she’ll treat you right.

Cover Image Credit: Larisa Birta

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Poetry On Odyssey: Loving Myself Without Help

people often act like you need relationships to be happy but do you?


Will Smith once said: "Her happiness is not my responsibility. She should be happy and I should be happy individually. Then we come together and share our happiness. Giving someone a responsibility to make you happy when you can't do it yourself is selfish." Too many times have I heard "I need a relationship to be happy and it makes me question what can be so wrong with someone that the need to depend on another random human for happiness? We have our own value and we need to find love within ourselves in order to love anybody else. This is a small poem I wrote on that.I had to achieve happiness from loving myself

Though I always thought it came from loving you

Though after years of chasing fantasy

Realized we weren't meant to be

And that I had to change my point of view

How can I go on hating myself?

And expect love from anybody else?

Cause if I don't have the effort

Let's be real I'm gonna get hurt

It's my own heart that probably will melt

I'm a pretty fly guy

When I dress to the 9's

If I don't show I care

Of course my freshness gonna die

So it's all in the push of my mind

My mind is a wonder

That'll have you sinking under

My thoughts don't just rain

They poor

I'm a valid individual

With so much love to give and more

I guess I can love myself without help

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