None of Our Fundamental Rights Are Being Taken Away

Every American has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We can vote, have a job, go to school and get as many degrees as we desire, go into any field we want, take out loans, have a credit card, live alone, sign our own paperwork, make our own medical decisions. We can do what we want, when we want, and make our lives whatever we want it to be.

Ladies stop crying and throwing a fit over something that hasn't happened.

Just because your party didn't get elected into office doesn't mean your rights are being taken away. Why? Because they haven't and won't.

Donald Trump cannot take away Roe V. Wade. Why? Because the Supreme Court gets the final say. Whatever they say goes. There is no repealing and there is no undoing Roe V. Wade. The only way it could remotely become undone is if the Supreme Court took up a different case with different circumstances and therefore had an outcome affecting a part of Roe V. Wade. Every woman and man has the right to say yes or no to an abortion (and, yes, the man should be apart of that decision).

If you do not think that women in America have fundamental rights, the door is right there.

Please leave and make room for all the people who will work hard and appreciate the freedoms and opportunities here.

Women in Saudi Arabia just got the right to drive, which is still a huge controversy in the country. Here nobody questions one's driving ability, legally, when it comes to gender. It doesn't matter if mom or dad takes their daughter or son to get their permit and to complete the state's requirements.

Women in American have the ability to go to college, in fact, more women than men graduate college. We can pursue an undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., Law degree, whatever you feel you need in order to be successful.

I do not understand where this whole idea has come from. It is insanity to think that we have no rights what so ever and that our fundamental rights are being taken away. It is a fact that American citizens have the most freedom in the world. We are given rights from birth that people in other countries are dying to be able to have. Why else would there be so many people trying to get in? If you think you don't have any rights, then let someone else replace you.

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