How to Watch the Big Game With Your Boyfriend (When You Know Nothing About Sports)

It can be pretty frustrating dating someone obsessed with sports when you don't know the difference between the White Sox and the Red Sox (why can't they just wear matching socks). No longer is it acceptable to only know the basic rules of a given sport. Now, you're quizzed on your knowledge of the players, the coaches, the reporters, the referees, the stadium, the fans -- and every little detail counts. So the next time your boyfriend, or even some guy friends, invite you over to watch the big game, keep these six tips in the back of your mind.

1. Know what the big game is.

When a guy asks you to come watch the game, he rarely specifies which game he is talking about. On any given day, there could be up to four different sports games being televised. And even if you know everything there is to know about the baseball game that's going on, he could be referring to a basketball game or a hockey game. So before you rep your USA Men's Soccer jersey, make sure that is the game you're going to be watching.

2. Root for a team.

If you couldn't care less about the two teams playing, root for the team your boyfriend is rooting for, or whichever team is winning, or whichever team has the nicer uniforms. No matter the reason, choose a team to root for and stand by them the entire game. Don't try to alternate teams each half or quarter -- the game's probably already confusing enough as it is.

3. Get pumped!

If your team scores a touchdown, celebrate! If your pitcher strikes someone out, cheer! If the ref makes a bad call, let 'em hear it! Show an interest in the game, even if it's fake!

4. Snacks matter.

Today would not be the day to whip up some red pepper hummus and cucumber cups. This is the time to load up on the chips, wings, pretzels, and buffalo chicken dip. Basically, the stuff you know tastes good and isn't the best for you.

5. Don't be overwhelmed by the terminology.

You may hear a lot of words that don't make any sense to you, such as a backdoor cut (which has nothing to do with an actual door), choke up (no CPR involved), a Hail Mary (there is no woman named Mary), or a hat-trick (don't bring out your party hat). Don't let all these fancy terms confuse you, and don't try to use one unless you're 100 percent sure of what it means.

6. Have a reaction prepared for any outcome of the game.

If your team wins, get ready for a lot of jumping up and down and cheering. If your team loses, prepare yourself for a lot of foul language and the occasional remote control throwing. React to the outcome of the game however you want, just make sure it is appropriate -- people would be pretty confused and even offended if your team won and in a fit of rage you flipped their coffee table.

Win or lose, the important thing is that you have fun! Isn't that how the saying goes? Maybe it is, if you're watching your little sibling's t-ball game. But for this given situation, the motto is: Win or lose, the important thing is that you're invited back for the next game. And, hopefully, by following these tips, you will be!

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