26 Ways You Know You're From Arizona

I lived in Arizona for 13 years. Now that I have moved away, I realized that some of the things we Arizonians consider normal are actually the furthest thing from normal. We are our own kind of breed, and that is okay!

So here are 26 ways that you know you're from Arizona.

You know you are from Arizona when:

1. Your left arm is slightly darker than your right from the sun beating down on your skin.

2. Wearing Uggs when it's 70 degrees outside is considered a fashion norm.

3. It rains and everyone suddenly forgets how to drive.

4. You visit another place and your astounded by how green it is.

5. You have a pair of gloves or a towel in your car because the steering wheel is too hot to touch.

6. You'll park miles away just to make sure your car is in the shade.

7. 80 degrees is jacket worthy weather.

8. 100 degrees is considered an averagely nice day.

9. You have a sandals tan on your feet, even in the winter.

10. Dust storms look like the end of the world, but they are more annoying than scary.

11. The Quick Trip is your saving grace.

12. You are considered an outcast if your drive a black vehicle of any kind.

13. Rocks are acceptable, and yet not optional, yard decor.

14. Going to Prescott is considered a winter activity.

15. PE class has to be indoors because you could possibly have a heat stroke.

16. The term dry heat is an everyday term.

17. No burn days are part of your daily phrases.

18. Putting your seat belt on in the summer is equivalent with wrestling with the devil.

19. Killing scorpions, snakes, and spiders no longer phases you.

20. When your phone has to restart and cool down because you went and got the mail outside...for literally a minute.

21. Anything left in your car in the summer becomes a liquid substance.

22. Daylight savings makes absolutely no sense to you.

23. Your family pet is a box turtle that lives in the backyard.

24. Suddenly the population doubles from December until February (snowbirds).

25. You are willing to wait 30 minutes at least just to get a drink from Dutch Bros.

26. You eat Mexican food at least twice a week.

Rest assured Arizonians, there is no one in the world that lives life the way we do. And you know what the crazy thing is? We wouldn't want to have it any other way. I am proud to be from this place, despite our weird way of life.

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