Things You Miss About Home When You're Sick At College

As a freshman currently living in a dorm, I can confidently say that being sick in college is the absolute worst. Especially this being my first year here. While I lay in bed, tissues piling up in my trashcan, I begin to reminisce about everything that I took for granted back home.

So please, sit back, relax, and delve into this journey of self-pity that I'm sure many of you can relate to:

1. You miss the comforts of your own bed.

In a dorm, our mattress size is a Twin XL. Back home, I had a queen bed that carried me through the flu, many of my periods, and multiple common colds.

2. You miss being able to control your surroundings. 

Having control over the amount of light, the temperature and the noise levels in your comfort zone are things that I miss the most in general while living in a dorm, but I miss it the most when I'm sick. My roommate obviously has school work and normally likes to keep the lights on and play her videos out loud, which is totally fine because she is also paying $3000 dollars for this tiny ass room we subject ourselves to. But in moments like these, I really do miss having my own room in my own house.

3. You miss being able to be as disgusting as you want.

I won't lie to you, I turn into the world's biggest slob when I'm sick. When the trashcan overflows with tissues when I'm home, I don't necessarily take out the trash bag and replace it but rather, I'll just keep piling on the tissues so that even the floor around the bin is covered with my grossness as well. I would never subject my roommate to that, so I actually have to be responsible and clean when I'm sick now and it's the worst.

4. You miss the local comforts. 

Back home, when I would get sick sometimes I would miss the familiarity of my surroundings. if I got sick of being inside for the whole day, I would go to Anderson Park or the Dunedin Causeway. However, everywhere I go on campus, there are so many people when that's exactly what I want to avoid. Because on top of being sick, I become a hermit.

5. You miss your dog (or other pets).

There's nothing better than snuggling your doggy while you're sick. It's as though my dog knows that I'm not feeling well and he acts like a little furnace/snuggle bug. Unfortunately, University Housing has a dumb rule where dogs aren't allowed in your dorm rooms, so I just miss him the most.

6. You miss the home-cooked meals.

Since it's my freshman year and I share a space with another person, a meal plan was the best route for me to go because it is just easier in the long run. However, in moments like these where I just want some home cooked food and not have to wear pants in order to go get food becomes one of the more distressing parts about being sick in college. Can you tell how dramatic I am?

7. You miss those who take care of you the best. 

Most of all, I just miss the comfort of my parents. My mom is the type of caretaker who will snuggle me and smother me with love until I get better because that is the best medicine of all time. My dad is the type of caretaker to lecture me about how to not get sick, while practically spoon feeding me Chipotle because he knows I love that the most.

I hope you guys took some joy and comfort in knowing that you're not alone in being a little bit of a baby when you get sick. Missing home is incredibly common in college, but it seems even harder when you get sick.

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