HEYOO, YES. Weddings are so much fun. Love is so much fun. Celebrating is SO much fun.

Considering, I go to a private, Christian school and am often times surrounded by people who value marriage the way that they do, it is NOT abnormal or weird for someone to get engaged in their early twenties.

I know this isn't the norm for everyone in the US and while some people react wildly to this and are completely SHOOK that this is a reality, others are just livin' their lives and know that this is the one they are supposed to marry, so they do just that!

Marriage is SUCH a gift Y'all (Not that I am married, but I can just see this in certain friends and family members lives).

Holy moly, this is something that brings out a whole new side to people. There are SO many positives to doing life with your best friend and getting to spend forever with them.

When you are in your 20's and everyone starts to go through some MAJOR life changes, there are so many thoughts that come into play.

Now, we are about to get REAL here folks.

For the longest time, I thought that since I wasn't in a serious relationship or that this whole marriage thing wasn't close to my radar yet, that I was behind.

Yep, this realm of the world where those around me are getting married has definitely planted some seeds to make me seriously think that I am "less than" my married friends.

Yet even worse, these inadequate feelings of not being in the same season of life as some of my closest pals has made me believe the lie that THEY will think less of me or think that there just isn't a possibility that I could understand them because they are married.


This is where it became a problem for me.

I am STOKED, seriously BEYOND excited, for my friends who have found their forever at such a young age. It has been tons of fun to walk by their side as they have said "I do" to the men of their dreams.

I just hate the way that the enemy has used this to bring me down in any way. I hate that I let something so positive bring out any ounce of bitterness and blame in my heart.

At the end of the day, I know that as of today, I am supposed to be single. If this weren't the case, then I WOULD be in a relationship.

We can't look at our married friends and think, "Well, ugh, they just wouldn't get this because they are married."

On the other hand, those who are married, really probably and hopefully aren't looking at us and saying to themselves, "While, she just doesn't understand because she isn't married."

Here's the deal.

We aren't all called to the same life as the person next to us, HOW STINKING BORING WOULD THAT BE IF WE ALL HAD THE SAME LIVES?

So, why don't we stop throwing the judgment around about whether someone is in a relationship or not, and start LOVING them?

I strongly believe that we are meant to rejoice with those who rejoice. When someone is getting married, HECK YES, REJOICE.

When someone is rejoicing in their singleness, REJOICE with them too.

Singleness is a gift, whether you are 19 or 49.

Marriage is a gift, whether you are 19 or 49.

We don't need to judgment, let's be a little more compassionate and loving towards people regardless of their relationship status.