In my school district, I helped raise awareness about domestic abuse by creating the "Leave Out Violence Everywhere," or "LOVE" project through student council. My project highlighted the silent damage within dating violence, promoted self-worth, and ultimately encouraged others to speak out against domestic abuse. We educated our student body about dating abuse by posting informational posters around school. We created a "Beauty Week" when putting on our first Sadie Hawkins dance to encourage young women to step outside their comfort zone so they can be more comfortably courageous.

I created a video where I interviewed a number of students and recorded their reaction after telling them they were beautiful and broadcasted it in school to encourage others to spread love rather than to destroy it.

Students React To Being Called Beautiful YouTube

My platform inspired other schools to hold their own Sadie Hawkins dance for other outstanding issues within the community. If people know where domestic abuse leads, I want to inspire others to prevent a beginning. My project enabled me to branch out and combat larger issues within other communities. It feels rewarding to learn about different obstacles, teach people, and make a difference. My project truly inspired me to further guide others in my future career path, and I am motivated to bring change and closeness to the community from one place to the next.

There are many amazing opportunities in the community that I can learn from and take to others. I would like to help underserved areas through the areas within the city so I can be around kids more often and help their dreams grow. With strong public service opportunities like working with children to the elderly, I will be able to take back unique lessons and learn more about my interests. My passion for helping others will grow as I help my surrounding communities grow.