Learning Disabilities That Affect People's Schooling

Learning Disabilities That Affect People's Schooling

If you don't know most of these or want to make the best of a learning disability, here's this article

If you don't know what a learning disability is, it's a different approach for your mind that makes it difficult to obtain certain ounces of knowledge. Some have it tougher than others while several cases get the chances of having the easy way out. While the professionals mainly focus on the reading, writing and math aspect of the disability, there is more to look at when seeing someone with something like this. These items include motor skills, spoken language, knowing different sounds and visual information.

Some people say it's a true struggle having a disability, and other says it's the best part of who they are. Here are some negative and positive perspective of three common learning disabilities:


These students hate the fact they can't read the same words correctly when shown something off of a friend's social media page, but love the fact they can [potentially] get away with not reading the class textbook. Sometimes the way letters are interpreted in their minds is like the alphabet trying to play tricks on them. Lower case I's can look like lower case L's, O's can look like uppercase D's and so on. Overall friends share every thing with each other, even if it means reading a text message out loud about the person they've been gossiping about for days. They can easily understand how your ability of reading can be difficult because half the time they don't even want to pick up a book. So the feeling of the written word in a book sounds pretty mutual.


For those who hate math, these people probably hate it more than life itself. They can't even look at a math problem without figuring out what number should be equal to what equation. In other words, math problems are their worst nightmare. Even people who like math and try to do it with this disability can be one step down to your success in education. However, not everyone was born with the math gene and tutors were invented for a reason. Time and money are two other things they cannot handle, but that's the part of life everyone can relate to. No one can really know how to keep the money for long periods of time and time itself is very hard to keep up with; it seems to be going faster than us and it needs to stop!


There are some whose handwriting appears as chicken scratch and are actually good at writing stories and papers themselves. Others have the neatest handwriting in the world and have all the writer's block. People with this disability have a hard time putting the written word on a piece of paper. Spelling words out and trying to plan essays are two items they can't do alone, and they say people who procrastinate have this problem because they don't want to write essays because it's not what they signed up for. Those who love to write can hate the fact writer's block hits them all the time thanks to this and it can tare apart a passion they have for it; unless they have a friend who loves it too and can help put the written word on paper. That's where everything will be okay.


Most of us have the capability to walk on our own two feet and only stumble a few times. We can even use our arms and hands to catch a ball or carry in groceries. People who can't do these things very well have this disability; this is one of the few that actually put a physical handicap on themselves in terms of having an incapability to move. In terms of help, they get the help to get their balance and strength back in the arms and legs again unless you were paralyzed in a certain spot of the body down. Either way people with this still get an acceptance level like every other person on this planet, but then again, it could go by their personality since only their movement is a major factor, not who they are on the inside.


This disability doesn't have you translate what one phrase means in Spanish, French, or even Chinese. These people have no idea how to pronounce anything in the English language, or even read it for that matter. We should be lucky we know the vocabulary we do and only misspell words that are out of context in some sentences. We can help these people if they ask us for it; all we have to do is tell them what that word is and both you and that person would feel better about the day.

Auditory and Visual Processing Disorder

Believe it or not, some people joke about a horse saying "quack," after saying the cow says "moo." Although people with auditory processing disorder actually believe it's what they're supposed to say. Or it takes them a while to process what each letter it sounded out like or even take them a minute to process the animal noise itself. We can easily tell them it's not what that sound is for the horse and actually tell them it says "nay!" Even helping them sound it out so they can understand the sound of it would be a factor in all this. Afterwards, you can all sing Old McDonald!

You know the feeling when you watch people lost their glasses or can't wear their contacts one day so everything is blurry? Well, with visual processing disorder they can see, but can't tell what certain objects are. Helping them tell the difference from the Statue of Liberty from the Eiffel Tower can really make a difference.


Most of us have a perfect attention span and only get distracted for a brief second. Those things maybe a person behind you in class being distracted by themselves. This disability is capable of losing track of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in less than five seconds, or every five seconds if the case is very severe. The only way to get through the day is to go along with the day-to-day distractions and see if you can be fun with them; especially if the distraction is so funny you can NOT hold in your laughter anymore

With any learning disability all you can really do is know the negatives but truly try to focus on how to make everything about it positive.

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Am I Going To Survive This Long Winter Break?

The feeling you get when you spend too much time with your family and you're ready to be back with your friends from school


Yay! I am all finished with my final exams and projects for my classes this semester. I made it through the first semester of tis year when I was becoming worried and stressed. Now the grades are put in and I get a nice long break to relax, celebrate the holidays and spend time with family. However, I did not think that I would be craving to go back so soon after spending a few weeks with my family. I love them dearly, but since I am used to being away from them while at school to now having a whole month and a half off from school away from my friends, I know that there are going to be times when I get frustrated with my siblings or my even parents.

Thank goodness that I have a job this seasonal time or else I do not know what I would do. This will give me some time a couple of days out of the week to have some alone time and even meet new people at my job. It is not a bad thing to need this time away from family because it's normal, so if you are feeling guilty DON'T! Now that I have a part time job I will be making money to go and spend for myself or for Christmas presents for my family and friends. This is exciting because now when my mom, sister and I go shopping I can use the money I earned instead of feeling bad when I ask if my mom can purchase it.

The sad part about being out of school for so long is that I won't be able to see my friends because they live far away. For a whole semester of seeing them whether it was in class, going on our daily scheduled breakfast, lunch or dinner date, spending countless hours in the library, or just spending time together over the weekend. Now having a whole month and a half break of not seeing them is going to be so hard. When I need to call them because I am in need of someone to talk to besides my family I know they will answer and plus I will want to know how their break is going.

The most important thing for me to remember when I do get frustrated is that my family loves me very much and this is the time of year that brings us all together. When we pray for patience in stressful situations, God gives us the spirit and opportunity to be patient. In scripture in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter seven verse eight it states, " The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride". What God is telling us here in this scripture is that no matter how the frustration or argument may have started what matters is the end. God wants us to come together in love and forgive one another. Also He tells us that patience is better than pride because when we have patience for each other that is reflecting God's love.

This winter break may be long and I am thankful for it to use it as a time to relax and enjoy my family and I hop you do as well.

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