How To Deal With Writer's Block

Are you stuck with coming up with a topic to write about? Are you spaced for time and need to meet deadline? Every writer has been there. It is okay to be stuck in a place unable to find the right topic to write about or how to organize the thoughts in their head. The solution is write.

Grab a notebook and put that pen to the paper. Form sentences and get lost in a world of your own. It might take a while to get your thoughts together, but just focus on continuing to write across the paper. Do not stop. Whatever you do, do not stop writing.

I do free writes every time I have my writing class. Our Professor writes a simple word or phrase on the board and we are timed for three minutes to write about that word or phrase. There is only one rule: we cannot stop writing until the timer goes off.

Research random words and see what you can come up with. Find a quote that is inspiring to you. If you do not want to do a prompt, just write whatever comes to mind. Do not stop. Continue to get lost on the page even if it sounds corny. The ideas are there. It could be a mess or it could be on its way for minor editing. Continue to craft that major ideas and worry about the structure later on.

Putting the pen to the paper forms a more creative tone in one's writing. It helps loosen up a writer's thoughts and organize them in a unique way. Craft a writing that has meaning and does not get lost in translation through forming the work by typing on a keyboard.

Writing is an art and it is a process. It is never going to be perfect. Free writing can help craft a work that can be altered on the computer later on. The work you create in the free write might not be the work you decide to submit, but it can help you craft ideas and focus on the actual writing part. Writers tend to focus on perfection. Perfection is an unrealistic approach to success as a writer. Writers have to think outside the box and risk it every once in a while to thrive in the industry.

Now take that notebook out and grab a pen. Do not stop writing. You got this.

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