Judicial Deception, Violence, and Mental Challenges—Journey of Dr. Meleeka Clary
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Judicial Deception, Violence, and Mental Challenges—Journey of Dr. Meleeka Clary

Domestic violence is a major social problem worldwide.

Judicial Deception, Violence, and Mental Challenges—Journey of Dr. Meleeka Clary

The situation is worsening, and experts have difficulty combating it despite their best efforts. Domestic violence is common across all cultures and societies; thus, it can be triggered due to numerous causes. Despite efforts to curtail it, this form of violence has resurfaced in one form or the other. Worryingly, it is prevalent among illiterate and literate factions of society and inflicts a lasting impact on families, particularly children. Many researchers have spent years searching for solutions to the problems caused by domestic violence. Deteriorating mental health is a problem that frequently occurs among the sufferers of domestic violence—Dr. Meleeka Clary is one of the few scholars with enough experimentation using various practices.

A reputed clinical psychologist, Dr. Clary has qualifications, experience, and exposure to treating mentally challenged patients due to domestic violence and its derivates. Dr. Clary is one of the first psychologists who portrayed violence using her acting and directorial skills. Her efforts paid off when the industry praised and acknowledged her movie and roles. As a multitalented individual, Dr. Meleeka Clary has efficiently used her talents to bring attention to those in need. Her portrayal of those who suffered domestic violence has garnered praise, while her directorial debut movie won several awards at impressive ceremonies such as Dreams Catcher International Film Festival, Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, and Krimson Horyson International Film Festival, to name a few.

The Portrayal Of Judicial Deception

Judicial deception was inadequately portrayed in the media. Dr. Meleeka Clary changed that through her acting, direction, and hands-on knowledge of this subject. She used her directorial debut movie as the platform to project the hardships a divorced woman goes through, especially when the custody of their children is at stake. The movie is based on a true event which makes the movie more believable. Her acting prowess is further cemented in movies, TV series, and videos.

Being a firsthand victim of judicial portrayal, Dr. Clary is aware of how and when it happens, but she is also careful not to make readers believe it as a common belief.

A Master Counselor

Dr. Meleeka Clary has mastered the art of counseling through her experience, qualification, and expertise. As a top family counselor, she excels as a counselor and a healer. Dr, Clary’s clinical practice exposes her to patients from various backgrounds. Her prowess as a master counselor helps her understand how the brain functions and how it reacts to different situations. She frequently communicates with her patients and makes them feel comfortable. Dr. Meleeka Clary knows that communication is the key to counseling.

She takes a careful, sympathetic approach to treating her patients. As a remarkable psychologist and empathetic human, she wholeheartedly listens to her patients without interrupting them. After taking notes, she suggests a treatment course based on her diagnosis. Her treatment methods are based on counseling, as she considers it the best treatment method for people with mental health conditions.

Counseling is a proven treatment method for anxiety, mental trauma, and depression patients.


Dr. Meleeka Clary is a highly motivated and energetic individual. Her biggest motivation comes from her children, but her ability to achieve excellence as a clinical psychologist and an actress also drives her forward. Dr. Clary believes in spreading positivity and awareness through her work. Being a clinical psychologist, she understands the pain and agony her patients may be going through. As an aspiring actress, she portrays their pain on the screen and collects awards. In a way, her ability allows her to become a more efficient psychologist.

Dr. Clary is a qualified psychologist, but she is also an established actress and dancer. She attended Vicki School of Dancing and developed a passion for performing arts. She appeared in commercials while attending school and as a model for Dominique Fashion Design. Later, she was recognized for her work for Mattapan Community Center Fashion Show for Health benefits.

Meleeka Clary established her credentials as a performing artist, a model, and an actress quite early in her career.

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