College Football season is coming to a close, which means NFL prospects are looking to improve their draft stock. It’s no secret that the quarterback class for this year is not up to par with what it has been in years past, however, there is one prospect who is more NFL ready than any other and that is Josh Rosen.

Josh Rosen has been a pro-style quarterback ever since his days of playing high school football at Saint John Bosco. He sits in the pocket and delivers accurate throws off of his progressions. USC may have won the battle of LA, but Josh Rosen was the better quarterback and it was not even close. Sam Darnold is a very good player and is able to be clutch, however, Rosen is just more poised to be an NFL star.

The style of the two leagues are extremely different which makes for a major adjusting period after draft day. We saw Jared Goff struggle in his first year with the LA Rams, and the next year he is having an MVP caliber season. With Josh Rosen it is different, he won’t need that adjusting period that most rookie quarterbacks need.

Teams that draft him will be looking to win as early as next year with the style that he plays. He will need a good supporting cast; whichever team drafts him will have to have some good targets for him to throw at because he is not much of a runner. Overall Josh Rosen is the best NFL QB prospect because of his pinpoint accuracy, field vision, and strength of which he throws with. I look for him to be the first QB drafted before Sam Darnold.