25 Things To Know By 25
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25 Things To Know By 25

I know that age is just a number, but with that comes a number of things you need to know.

25 Things To Know By 25

1. Water is your best friend.

This may seem so obvious, but those who are still not consuming enough water on a daily basis, like myself, clearly need a refresher. Life can get so crazy with everything that is going on that not only may you forget, but caffeine may seem like your best friend instead. Which coffee may be a close second I am not going to lie, but there is only so much coffee can do for you while water can do a million others. Putting your obvious health aside, water can also keep your skin looking fresh with age and keep your energy longer.

2. You need to stop caring what people think of your outfit

To be entirely honest, nobody probably cares, and if they are taking the time to judge you for yours, they probably have enough insecurities of their own. Besides, who's to tell you that shirt isn't your color or you shouldn't wear yoga pants outside of your house, last time I checked they weren't your mom and you aren't a child anymore. You wear what you are comfortable in, or feel hot in, or just plain want to wear because you can, life is too short to actually give a damn about that stuff. Also, isn't the greatest thing about individuality and fashion, to have a voice and closet of your own without worrying about the judgment of others. You just do you.

3. Never turn down an opportunity to travel

You may think you can't afford it, or have the time, but I promise you...it will all work itself out. Just go. If there is an opportunity presenting itself and you turn it down, you will later resent yourself for that. Now this can be however you want to take it; world travel or even simply driving to the next city over...whatever it is, you can learn or try something new from it. There is no time like the present and there is so much to learn about the world around you, it's never ending, so your travels shouldn't either.

4. It's OK to love your pet more than people.

Guilty. No seriously, humans can be straight up annoying. Now don't take this as cut yourself off from the world and all interaction...just know that there is nothing wrong with the want to go home and cuddle your pup. You would rather show your animals how much you love them when you get off work than constantly grabbing drinks with that girl who just wants to talk drama about co-workers every week, I don't blame you.

5. Say yes to sunscreen.

If you live anywhere remotely close to the Florida sun like I do or even where I lived before in the hot Las Vegas and Arizona desert, this is imperative. I know the desire to be tan is real, trust me, I use to be a solid five to six shades darker than I am now. However, this can get highly dangerous. A little bit of natural glow from the sun is one thing, but being burnt to a crisp because you didn't reapply is another. Plus, if you don't want vast amounts of wrinkles setting in before 30, I advise you take this advice.

6. Don't be scared to follow a dream you may think is lost

Whatever it may be; to move to a big city, to pursue a career in something you may not actually have education in, to advance in a talent...none of that is gone. Life isn't a rock pinning you to one spot on the ground, nobody said you had to stay with what you are currently doing. Do it now, before you change your mind. Go after that dream you have had since you were little, take the jump, quit your job, move, and figure it out. You have to struggle to get to success. I didn't say it was going to easy, but you'll be incredibly happier in the end.

7. Yes you can have the last piece of pizza

Seriously, just don't do it every day, but there is nothing wrong with indulging every so often. It tasted delicious, right? Then nobody cares, I'm not going to tell the diet police on you, so just eat the freaking pizza.

8. Age is just that, age

It doesn't define you in any way. Yeah sure you should probably have your life in some way together, but we as collective world create this image of what "should be" at this age, and I can tell you right now, it's not realistic. If you find joy in going to Disneyland on your day off to ride the teacups, take a picture with Mickey Mouse, and eat a churro. Then by all means, your 12-year-old heart trapped in a 25-year-old body will thank you for feeding happiness to your soul and not society.

9. Habits do follow you

It's something unfortunately that has to be mentioned even though it's a dark area for many, so here is your opportunity to change and break those habits. Find a better alternative. If it's something you turn to from stress, find a creative outlet to let that free instead.

10. Find a hobby.

We often let go of things we love to do as we get older, and I am a firm believer in the need for that to stop. If you use to actively enjoy something like dancing or painting, don't let the constant of your job and life picking up everywhere stop you from doing those things. They often act as a stress reliever and can have many benefits in the long run, like keeping you active or calming your mind to have a happier lifestyle.

11. Binge watch.

Yes, I am condoning the one thing we often joke about on social media constantly. If there is a show you really want to get into, but your life just won't allow you to sit down at 7 p.m. every Wednesday night to do so, then yeah...go for it. Take one Saturday and just binge through the whole dang season, it seems like a big waste of time to many people, but you'll be happy you finally caught up and nobody will have to listen to you complain at the office about how you missed last week's episode anymore.

12. Having a budget is important.

Your bank account will thank you, and you won't be constantly stressed what happened to what money. Now not everything will go according to plan, you won't always know when something comes up, and sometimes you really do deserve to treat yourself. However, having a general outline of when bills are due and how much of each paycheck needs to go to so and so, will make your financial life so much easier.

13. Essentials.

Say it with me, go grocery shopping. Having the essentials really can go a long way. You could be completely broke from rent and not get paid for another week, and I promise you as annoying and repetitive as grilled cheese and apples can get, they keep you from starving, enjoy.

14. Learn to cook.

With the exception of the last point, it is highly important to learn to cook, so when you aren't living off of grilled cheese, you can eat well. Also, having the skill of being able to cook meals even if it is as simple as making some chicken and pasta for the week, you may not necessarily have to resort to sandwiches every day until payday. There are so many benefits of knowing how to cook in your own home; healthier options, you save money not going through the drive through as much each week, and just knowing that you can actually give those Pinterest recipes a shot feels really good.

15. You are not too old to rock.

When you attend concerts nowadays, it seems like 90 percent of the crowd is screaming fan girl teenagers, and your first thought is normally... do you even know who they are? But something I have realized, even if you are the oldest person in this general standing room area at House of Blues for a pop punk show with a beer in hand when half the room isn't even old enough to order one, who cares. You rock out to those songs you grew up with and make an absolute fool of yourself, you only live once, make it worth it. And if any of those little teenage twits have a problem with it, they can deal, it's not their fault that their parents aren't as cool as you will be one day. I know I will constantly be reminding my children to fall in love with the music and never let that feeling die no matter the age, and no matter what others think.

16. Evolve your knowledge.

Please never stop taking the opportunity to learn, I know the idea of reading anything or taking the time to write something after grad may seem tiresome, but continuing to look for an opportunity to grow is what will make you a more well-rounded person.

17. Don't get too buckled into a routine.

Wake up, take out the dog, shower, breakfast, go to work, take the dog for a walk, dinner, clean the house, bed. We eventually all becomes robots in some way rather we like it or not. Just try not to let that cement you in. There is always a way to break up a routine, rather it be something simple like instead of going to the gym after class one day, you hit up the batting cages with a friend. Don't do the same routine on your days off either, yes get your errands done, but look for an opportunity to maybe try a new place for dinner, take a day trip to a new city or beach, go for a bike ride instead of walking to the park, whatever it may be, just try to allow change more often into your daily life. You don't want to get to 35-40 and think to yourself you have done the same thing every single day for the last 10 years. That is not why we were put on this earth.

18. You don't have to stop your subscription to Cosmo.

No matter how ridiculous it may seem to get monthly fashion, sex, beauty, and lifestyle advice from a magazine, if you enjoy reading that thing from cover to cover and taking those back of issue quizzes. Then don't stop. I am only going to ask you to seize living your life from it like the bible.

19. Make your bed.

Each and every day. Your entire room could look like a bomb went off, although I hope that isn't the case as well, I should make a #19 part B called "keep it clean", but nonetheless if you simply take the five seconds to make your bed before you leave every day...I promise you will walk into the room at the end of the day less stressed. Your eye is trained to look there first anyways so you will feel better among whatever other messes, and now you won't have to scramble when you go to sleep just to get back under the tangled sheets.

20. The most important relationship is the one with yourself.

I advise making any relationship you want to keep in your life stronger, but maintaining that with yourself is crucial. Make sure you always make time for yourself to be happy. We always are constantly pleasing those around us, our family and friends or our coworkers, we often forget our own needs in the process. Just take a few moments each week to do whatever you need to do to make sure your needs are constantly met as well. Get that check list done you have been stressing about, take a bath, go for a quick run...whatever it is, make sure you are taken care of.

21. No, your body is never going to be the same.

You start to notice that your body is changing as you get older, and no I'm not talking about puberty. Welcome hips, you didn't exist before. I guess this is what happens as you actually become a woman. And if you think the changes now are crazy, just wait till you have kids. Stay healthy, exercise, do whatever you normally would, but know that some of these changes aren't easily or if at all changeable. Your body just won't be as perky as it used to be is all.

22. Cliches aren't defining.

According to everyone else you know, you should already be married, or starting a family, or set in your career. Well no offense to cliches, everyone's life is different, and so is yours, so stop beating yourself up about it. Maybe you just don't know what you want to do yet, no harm no foul.

23. Never listen to the weather man.

This should be self-explanatory, mostly because he is never right anyways. But as you get older, you start to understand the idea of preparedness more. Carry an umbrella in your car or bag and always have a jacket just in case. It's the smallest tip ever, but honestly, if you learn this now, you'll have a huge appreciation for it one day. And so will your health and your outfit.

24. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion.

We live in such a judgmental society we often are too scared to voice things important to us. Know now that not everyone is going to agree with you in life, but don't let that stop you from voicing your own, it's just as important. I can't explain enough how much it sucks to get older and realize you are living a life for others and not for you, and there is no better time than now to make that leap.

25. Finally. Yeah, you are five years from 30.

For some, that is scary, for others, it may seem like an eternity away. I know for me, I have had a lot happen in five years, but I can also blink and remember that like it was yesterday. But that only means one thing, you have five more years of stupid drunken moments, random unexplainable actions, adrenaline filled whatever, endless travels, and plenty of time to realize that as long as you don't let it, none of that has to change at 30, or 40, or even 50. Age isn't anything in the seamless picture of life. Don't let it change who you are or what you're doing. Go out there and live.

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