As we grow out of our small towns and into our adult lives, none of us really try to lose touch with our best friends from home. Sadly, not being super close to ALL of your really close friends from back home is a harsh reality of adulting.

Life becomes to busy and it becomes impossible to make time for our oldest friends if they aren't living in the same city as us.

While it's easy to send a quick "thinking of you," it's hard to keep up entirely with someone who is completely different schedule and running a completely different life than you. So if you feel lost, and have absolutely no one close enough to call to get ice cream with you on a bad day, take this as a sign.

While long distance won't ruin the bond you have with your closest friends, it's worth connecting with people surrounding what's important while you start 'adulting' so you feel less alone. Don't be afraid to reach out to new people. It's important for your sanity and survival in the real world to make friends, even if it's out of your comfort zone!

These new friends, the girls in our 'girl gang' could be considered the friends we didn't see coming, the friends we didn't know we needed.

There's comfort in knowing that you can text work friends, back-at-home friends, family members, roommates, school friends, all separately about different things, without bothering the wrong person.

Calling your mom for advice on how to approach your adult-life isn't adulting. Texting your girl-gang for help on how to spruce up your apartment for cheap? Super easy, and way more fun.

Sure, you totally could call your long distance BFF from home about issues you're having with another colleague at work. But they may not understand what you're going through if they aren't working alongside you, and it may feel better to talk it out with someone in your office who can relate.

Having a girl-gang to fall back on during your toughest real-life-adult experiences can make your bounce back a lot easier.

Being close to people who know you well and can comfort you in person during a tough adulting situation always feels better than sending a novel via text.

Adulting is hard and we need people to vent to when things don't go our way. Having a strong supportive gang on your side at this point in your life is important to your success.

Not to mention, having friends is fun. Target runs, coffee dates, late night Facetime calls to strategize something for work in the morning, that is taking your life into your own hands, with really great people supporting you along the way is the only way to handle this 'adulting' thing we have to do.

Also, this isn't meant to bash guy-friends, not at all.

But there's something special in finding a group of girls that get who you are, without having to try super hard. Especially if they live down the street, in the same apartment complex or an hour away. The adventures are endless when your girl-gang is in close proximity to you.

The memories we make at this age are ones we will hold with us forever. This is the age where we make stories to share with our kids in the future about all the fun we had "back in the day."

That's why it is so important to find "your" people, co-workers, neighbors, classmates, baristas, anyone who you vibe well with.

Our girl-gang we spend time with and these memories we share within them are the building blocks to our adult lives. Don't waste any more time wishing you had someone to go out and get a late night snack with. Stop being salty every time you have to go to the grocery store alone. Find your people and hold them tight, you won't regret it.