Nobody likes work. If we had the choice as a society to cancel work permanently, there would be very few who would be opposed.

Knowing that having a job and having to work is an inevitable part of life, it is very easy to hate "work." Work isn't famous for being fun. Employment is famous for burning people out, causing stress and for being the last place anyone wants to be.

Not my boss. She's the exception to the rule.

She doesn't complain about having to work. I think that's what makes her stand out the most from most people I've worked with. Because most people who want to be somewhere other than work show it, while she does not.

My boss doesn't mind the daily chaos that goes on within our store, and if she does I would have no idea. Her work ethic is so strong, she seamlessly moves through her shift without much bothering her.

She likes to work and she makes work fun. I don't dread going to my job because she makes our store feel like a second home almost. Somehow her energy and passion for success and organization makes this job feel different than all the other jobs I've had.

The way she is never annoyed or bothered by her staff is one of the reasons she's the best boss around. She doesn't roll her eyes at anyone who is working with her, which helps the flow of our work a lot.

My boss also doesn't ever lose her smile. No matter how chaotic a day is or how long her shift may be, she never loses the smile on her face. She makes our customers feel welcome and helps 'work' feel less like work.

She's tough as nails because it's not easy to hold it together as often and as well as she does. Everything is always done when she's on the clock and no one is left with a mess to clean up on her watch. Because she works diligently, work is a lot less difficult and stressful for everyone else.

Now, that's not to say she hasn't had her moments. We laugh a lot when she's on the clock. We work hard together but something silly always happens behind the counter when my boss is in the store. What makes her the best? She's never mad when we get distracted by an incident, big or small.

She doesn't ban giggles or having fun at work. If anything, she encourages us to be ourselves and be close to the staff around us. My boss does more than just manage our store. She has made our store and our staff a safe, second home for us all.

Thank you for working so hard, for always smiling and making sure work never really feels like work.