Target is the place where a shopper’s dreams come true. Where else can you find the perfect mix of everyday essentials and random items that you didn't even know you needed, all while pushing a giant red cart?? Usually, one of these trips require days, sometimes even weeks of planning. Okay- fine, you could also just stop by quickly one day later this week, too. Regardless, every Target run occurs in the following stages:

Running low on a crucial part of your daily routine - This is the slow realization that a Target run is in your imminent future. You start to get excited for shopping for mundane essentials.

Contemplating what else you need - Or most likely, what other random things you WANT…

Making a List - In an effort to avoid spending an entire day inside the Target store. Because time literally slows down once you push through those automatic glass doors

Bonus points if you color-code by aisle or department.

Checking the Cartwheel App - Checking the Cartwheel app for deals and coupons could either really benefit your wallet or really drain your savings. Who knew candy was on sale for buy 2 get 1 free this week only??!?

Deciding on a Date/Time - Deciding on the exact day & time is crucial because you want to make sure you have enough time to wander the aisles after finalizing your master list. You don't want to rush through your Target run after all!

Crossing the first items off your list - After arriving at the store, you efficiently maneuver the cart and check off the first items on your list.

Getting distracted by the display - You are making great time when you spot a display of new/limited edition/ Target exclusive merchandise. Why did they have to put that display in plain view??

Realizing you have been shopping for approximately a million hours - How long have you been in the black hole that is inside every Target location. Has anyone missed you yet? Does anyone even know where you are?? Kidding, EVERYONE knows where you are!

Checking Out - You gaze happily at the full cart as you wheel it towards an available cashier and start unloading your purchases. Overall, you got everything on your list and only a few random impulse buys.

Getting home and realizing you are running out of another crucial item - Once you return home with your arms full of Target bags and start putting all your purchases away, you realize you are almost out of hairspray/ hand soap/ sticky notes. Looks like you need to plan another Target run!

Good luck on all your Target adventures!